#1 on DappRadar Medium

Alien Worlds is #1 of All Blockchain Dapps on DappRadar! Alien Worlds Apr 11·3 min read We’re #1 Dapp of All Blockchains During the Past 24 Hours! The DappRadar rankings share the most used blockchain smart contracts. Alien Worlds is proud to be listed at #1 during the past 24 hours. According to DappRadar’s website … Read more

Blockchain Gaming Growth 148% in Q1 2021

During Q1 2021 there was 148% user growth for blockchain gaming compared with one year ago. According to the BGA Blockchain Game Report Q1 2021 by DappRadar there was an average of 73,512 active wallets per day. While they reported 29,563 wallets back in the first quarter of 2020. The increase of wallets doesn’t only … Read more

NFT Sales Increased 2627% In Last 3 Months

The NFT market is booming right now as million dollar sales are becoming common and mainstream attention is increasing. According to the DappRadar Dapp Industry Report there has been more than $1.5 billion in transaction volumes in the past three months. That’s an increase of 2627% compared with the last quarter of 2020. CryptoPunks and … Read more