Sevdaliza – a journey through music, art, and film: a brief history of her career so far

March 2014 – Sevdaliza releases her single “Clear Air” and accompanying music video. This release is followed up with “Sirens of the Caspian” and “Backseat Love”. January 2015 – The above singles form the backbone of Sevdaliza’s first EP, “The Suspended Kid”, which is produced by Sevdaliza and long-time collaborator Mucky.  2015 –  A number … Read more

FM Gallery Partners with TopBidder, Empower the Value of Crypto Art

FM Gallery News Jun 4 · 2 min read FM Gallery, a blockchain-based distribution platform for NFT artworks and fashion toys, announces its strategic partnership with Topbidder, a radical auction protocol for NFTs. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of technology, product, market and community and aim to bring crypto … Read more

Getting to Know Sevdaliza – the creative powerhouse setting her sights on the crypto world

We know, we know, we’re a bit late to the party considering Sevdaliza has been creating incredible music since 2014 and pushing the boundaries of the creative arts well before then. But, hey, we’re here now, and we are incredibly stoked to announce that this absolute powerhouse of the arts is joining the Terra Virtua … Read more

Save the Date: Live @Pplpleasr + ENS NFT Showcase & Raffle

makoto_inoue May 31 · 2 min read It has been over 3 weeks since we announced our 4th Anniversary NFT giveaway of Pplpleasr NFT. Celebrating ENS’s 4th Anniversary with an Original Pplpleasr NFT Giveaway ENS launched four years ago today! We let our community member decide how many copies to give away, either 100 … Read more

Building Worlds Together – Marcel van Luit on the Power of Collaboration

It can’t be denied that Marcel is a phenomenally talented artist in his own right, and the quality and beauty of his individual pieces is next level impressive. But he’s also wise enough to realise that more can be achieved when great minds come together.  This is especially true in the cryptoart space, where art … Read more

NFT Trading Volume Increases Amid Crypto Crash, Report

While the cryptocurrency crash last week saw bitcoin (BTC) lose 30% of its price and almost a million traders liquidated in one day, NFTs saw increased trading volume. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been rising exponentially, over the past year, and this was reflected across the first quarter of 2021. The digital tokens took off, as … Read more

Creating Experiences – Marcel Van Luit: from dreamer to world-famous artist and NFT creator

The great thing about art is that it’s always evolving. New mediums are born that can change the way we interact with, and interpret, art. And when creative people are willing to embrace new technologies, methods, and approaches, wonderful things can happen. Daydreams can be brought to life, immersive experiences can be created, and that’s … Read more

What’s it like having a famous dad? An interview with Isabella Percival…

To celebrate the upcoming release of Nick’s new NFT-only graphic novel Bloodlines, we caught up with his daughter Isabella, who is herself a talented artist, and asked her to give us the inside scoop on what it’s like having a famous dad.  What’s it like having a famous graphic novel writer and artist as a … Read more

CyberEmergence — NFT Cryptographic Art Exhibition丨The Opening Ceremony ended successfully

Punk Network May 25·4 min read This exhibition includes oil painting, sculpture, printmaking, video, music, CG design and other works in various categories and are also the most representative classic work by many outstanding domestic artists.The contrast between cyberpunk and classicism, electronic screens and carved beams and paintings. The classic works of Pang Maokun, Dean … Read more

Zhang Zhiwei

Punk Network May 25·1 min read Zhang Zhiwei’s 12 photographic works are presented on the large glass windows of the church space in Being3 Gallery completing the visual metaphor of Hesiod’s “The Book of Gods”. The extraordinary creativity of the artists was dedicated to the great Pythagoras. The work reveals the possibility of the world’s … Read more