Introducing SuperRare Bitcoin Ordinals Artwork

Ethereum-based NFT marketplace SuperRare has announced its expansion to the Bitcoin blockchain. This marks the entrance of one of the leading NFT art platforms into the world of Bitcoin Ordinals.

SuperRare’s Strategic Partnership 

SuperRare, operating on the Ethereum blockchain, is a platform that focuses on single-edition, 1-of-1 digital artworks. Since its launch in 2018, it has been recognized as one of the pioneers in the NFT space. 

SuperRare’s expansion to the Bitcoin blockchain is made possible through its collaboration with the Ordinals marketplace Gamma. This partnership will enable SuperRare to introduce inscriptions on its platform, a feature that was previously only available on Ethereum.

The “No Brainers” Collection by Killer Acid

To mark its entrance into the world of Bitcoin, SuperRare will be launching a new collection titled “No Brainers” on April 11, 2024. This exclusive collection, created by artist Rob Corradetti’s project Killer Acid, will feature 1-of-1 inscriptions on each artwork, ensuring their uniqueness.

While the specific pieces for this collection have yet to be unveiled, it is expected that they will showcase the iconic psychedelic-themed work that Killer Acid is known for.

Impact on Market Share Dynamics

The introduction of Ordinals trading on Bitcoin is starting to shift the dynamic of Ethereum being recognized as the leading network for NFTs in terms of trading volume. Thanks to the growing popularity of the Ordinals protocol, Bitcoin is now emerging as a major platform for minting digital artwork and collectibles. 

SuperRare is strategizing to leverage the rising success of Magic Eden by expanding its operations to the Bitcoin blockchain. This move aims to tap into the shifting market share dynamics within the NFT space, where Magic Eden, a cross-chain marketplace supporting both Ethereum and Bitcoin, has experienced a notable surge in trading volume, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the NFT market.


The entrance of SuperRare into the world of Bitcoin not only showcases the growing popularity and potential of NFTs but also highlights the importance of cross-chain compatibility in this space. As more platforms support multiple blockchains, we expect to see even further growth and innovation in the NFT sector. 


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