Web3 Music Streaming Platform ‘Tracks’ Expands to LG Smart TVs

The way we consume music has evolved over time, from vinyl records to CDs and now to digital streaming services. And with the rise of blockchain technology and the Web3 movement, we are witnessing yet another evolution in the music industry.

Tracks, an innovative Web3 music streaming dApp developed by LABEL Foundation, is leading the charge by offering a high-quality music experience on the BNB Chain. And now, this app has broken new ground by launching on LG Smart TVs with webOS 22 and webOS 23 worldwide.

A New Era of Music Streaming

For the first time, a Web3 music app is available on an LG smart TV platform, potentially changing how we interact with music streaming.

‘Tracks’ offers users complimentary access to curated music playlists and visuals. An attractive feature of the service is the ability to earn rewards based on listening time. The platform is primarily designed for Generation Z, a demographic known for expressing unique moods through music and visuals.

Since its launch in July, the mobile dApp has amassed over 150,000 users and 10,000 daily active users.

Putting Users First

Its focus on the user sets Tracks apart from traditional music services. Instead of prioritizing content providers, this dApp aims to provide an immersive and personalized music experience to its users. And, with a sustainable revenue model, Tracks is aligned with the current trend of Free Ad-Supported TV, with plans to expand its revenue strategies in this area.

By partnering with LG, Tracks has broken through the constraints of paid streaming and broadened music accessibility. The app is now available for free on the latest LG Smart TV models, allowing users to easily access their favorite music.

In addition to LG Smart TVs, people can access Tracks on mobile devices and web browsers.

Bridging Web3 and Web2

Tracks’ partnership with LG not only expands its user base but also bridges the gap between Web3 and Web2 services. With this collaboration, users can switch between traditional TV content and Tracks’ Web3 music streaming without extra effort or cost.

With its innovative approach and rapid growth, Tracks is on track to become a leading platform in both the Web3 and Web2 music industry. Furthermore, as we reported last May, LG is pursuing a patent for a television designed to facilitate NFT trading.

LG’s NFT TV could connect with an NFT marketplace server, allowing users to preview artwork and complete purchases directly through a linked Web3 wallet.


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