Futabasha and SBINFT Launch NFT Giveaway for ‘Umanari 1 Furlong Theater’ Fans

Publishing company Futabasha has teamed up with marketing platform SBINFT to launch a new NFT giveaway campaign. The campaign focuses on the horse racing manga “Umanari 1 Furlong Theater,” a series by Miho Yoshida featuring cute thoroughbred horses based on real-life races.

New Opportunities for Engagement

“SBINFT Mits” is an all-in-one NFT management service that streamlines the process of issuing and managing NFTs. It enables issuers, even those new to Web3, to easily connect with fans and handle everything from launching NFT projects to building and managing community engagement.

Using SBINFT’s “SBINFT Mits” platform, Futabasha has created a dedicated campaign website and a secure lottery system for the NFT giveaway. Fans who participate in the campaign not only receive a commemorative NFT but also have the chance to win exclusive prizes such as signed books and coloured paper artwork. Importantly, the giveaway also safeguards privacy, meaning those who participate won’t need to share their personal information.

Source Futabasha

A Win-Win-Win Partnership

The collaboration between Futabasha and SBINFT is a triple-win scenario. Futabasha gains an innovative way to connect with its audience, SBINFT showcases the capabilities of its platform, and fans get to enjoy a campaign with the opportunity to secure NFTs and win special prizes.

Jangdeok Ko, CEO of SBINFT, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating in the announcement, “We are very pleased that our “SBINFT Mits” has enabled Futabasha to create co-creation marketing with fans using NFT. We believe that this initiative will be a very rare example in the world by delivering actual products to fans without obtaining their personal information using our marketing platform “SBINFT Mits”

Ko finished by saying, “We are convinced that this case will pave the way for a new era of digital marketing using NFT, and at the same time, it is an important step in our mission to spread NFT throughout society.”

How to Participate

The campaign will run from April 27, 2024, to May 12, 2024. Anyone can join in, and to participate, individuals must register an account on the “SBINFT Mits” website and then apply through the provided campaign

Participants are also encouraged to share their thoughts on “Umanari 1 Furlong Theater” on X (formerly Twitter). Furthermore, all participants will receive a limited edition NFT, with 200 lucky winners receiving a signed book by Miho Yoshida and one grand prize winner obtaining a specially drawn coloured paper.


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