Polygon and Warner Music Group Announce Web3 Music Accelerator Recipients

Polygon Labs and Warner Music Group (WMG) have announced the first two recipients of their Web3 Music Accelerator program. This initiative, launched in June 2023, aims to foster innovation at the intersection of Web3 and music by supporting projects on the Polygon network. After reviewing over 120 applications, the selection committee chose MITH and Muus Collective for their contributions to building the future of the Web3 music ecosystem.

Meet the Grant Recipients

MITH: Redefining Fan Engagement

MITH is a fan engagement platform that collaborates with renowned creatives such as Jack Harlow, Emilia Clarke, and Halle Berry. Their platform offers a proprietary technology stack that includes commerce, streams, threads, and rewards. In addition to these features, MITH provides artists with AI-driven insights and analytics on their audiences, giving them a deeper understanding of their fans.

Source MITH

Michelle Sanchez, CEO and Co-Founder of MITH, commented on their mission, “MITH is dedicated to empowering artists with dynamic community tools under a unified platform. This approach effectively addresses the fragmentation of fan experiences by enabling artists to capture first-party data, such as fan attendance, interactions, purchases, and overall engagement.”

Muus Collective: Revolutionizing Fashion Experiences

Sarah Fuchs and Amber Bezahler co-founded Muus Collective to create fashion-centric experiences. Their projects integrate mobile gaming, entertainment, and digital collectibles to create communities through a shared love of style. Furthermore, the collective plans to release its upcoming fashion game in Q2 2024, in partnership with retailer REVOLVE.

Amber Bezahler, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Muus Collective shared her insights, stating, “Music and fashion have long been inextricably linked, and we see a wealth of opportunity to explore this relationship in a gamified virtual environment where players interact and express themselves with both music and fashion.”

Extensive Support for Grant Recipients

Both MITH and Muus Collective will receive extensive support through the Web3 Music Accelerator program. This includes endorsement from two leading entities in music and blockchain, mentorship, strategic advising, networking opportunities, marketing, and promotion. Additionally, they will gain access to the Polygon x WMG Developer Support Cohort. This group of blockchain infrastructure developers collaborates with projects shaping the Web3 music industry, offering service discounts, vouchers, and premium benefits to grant recipients.

The Web3 Music Accelerator program represents a big effort by Polygon Labs and WMG to blend blockchain technology with the music industry. This initiative is driving innovation in the Web3 music ecosystem by supporting projects redefining the landscape of music and technology. The collaboration between Polygon Labs, a blockchain ecosystem developer, and WMG, a music industry heavyweight, showcases the potential of merging these two industries.


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