Transak and VeChain Partner to Bring NFT Checkout to MaaS Platform

Transak, a leading fiat-to-crypto payment gateway, has recently announced its partnership with VeChain, a blockchain platform for supply chain management and asset digitization. This collaboration will bring Transak’s NFT Checkout solution to VeChain’s Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for the adoption and use of blockchain technology.

The integration of Transak’s NFT Checkout on VeChain’s MaaS platform will enable users from over 160 countries to purchase NFTs with fiat currency, starting at just $0.01 – a first in the industry. This not only makes it more accessible for individuals to enter the world of NFTs, but also opens up opportunities for businesses to tokenize their assets and engage with a global audience.

Gresini Racing Collaboration

One of the first collaborations to utilize this partnership is Gresini Racing, a renowned racing team that has launched its own NFT marketplace on VeChain’s platform. With Transak’s easy-to-use checkout solution, fans can now purchase exclusive NFTs from Gresini Racing using their preferred payment methods, without the need for technical know-how.

The partnership between Transak and VeChain highlights the importance of simplifying blockchain tools to drive adoption among individuals and businesses. By abstracting away the complexities of NFT transactions, this collaboration aims to streamline the use and integration of blockchain technology in various industries.

Streamlining NFT Access

MaaS, which was recently launched by VeChain, is a no-code NFT marketplace platform that caters to both digital and physical products. This allows for the tokenization of real-world assets and provides a simple solution for users who are unfamiliar with blockchain intricacies.

According to Alessandro Raboni, Head of Growth at Transak: “This partnership represents a significant leap in Web3 innovations, connecting the world of motorsports with the new ownership-driven internet economy. With Transak’s NFT Checkout solution, fans worldwide can effortlessly purchase NFTs and engage with their favorite teams and clubs.”

Enhancing Fan Experience

The partnership also introduces the concept of ‘phygitals‘ to the world of sports and racing. This combines physical assets with digital features through the use of NFC technology, creating a more interactive and immersive experience for fans.

Ben Moran, Product Manager at VeChain Foundation, expressed excitement over the launch of MaaS and its potential to drive further adoption of blockchain technology. He said: “The launch of Marketplace-as-a-Service is a huge achievement for our team, representing a powerful new addition to our tool suite. This collaboration with Transak allows us to greatly streamline the ease of use for Gresini Racing’s fans and make the whole experience a simple and enjoyable one.”


The partnership between Transak and VeChain is a major step towards making blockchain technology more accessible for individuals and businesses. By bringing Transak’s NFT Checkout solution to VeChain’s MaaS platform, it not only simplifies the purchasing process for NFTs but also opens up opportunities for tokenization of real-world assets. With this collaboration, the world of sports and racing is also introduced to the concept of ‘phygitals’, taking fan experience to a whole new level. 

This partnership highlights the importance of streamlining blockchain tools to drive adoption and marks a significant leap in Web3 innovations. With more collaborations like this, we can expect to see further advancements and integration of blockchain technology in various industries.


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