The Synergy of Fashion and Tech: ALTAVA’s Move into TOZ Universe

ALTAVA, a frontrunner in the digital fashion domain, and Play TOZ, a Web3 branch of WEMADE PLAY, have unveiled a partnership that aims to enrich the TOZ Universe, a Web3 Metaverse community. This collaboration hopes to meld digital fashion and user engagement within the expansive virtual world of TOZ Universe.

TOZ Universe

At the centre of the TOZ Universe lies a vibrant community, complete with 3D Profile Avatars (FAM NFTs) and the animated world of ANIPANG. This digital space champions the ethos of free expression and creativity, values that ALTAVA deeply shares. By weaving ALTAVA’s innovative virtual fashion into the fabric of the platform, the partnership promises to elevate the metaverse experience, granting users unprecedented avenues to customize their digital selves.

Andy Ku, the Founder and CEO of ALTAVA Group, remarked on the collaboration’s potential, “We are excited to embark on this journey with TOZ Universe. Our collaboration represents a fusion of creativity, technology, and community engagement. Together, we aim to push the boundaries of digital fashion and elevate the metaverse experience for users worldwide.”

Crafting a Connected Digital World

The alliance leverages ALTAVA’s AI-driven 3D fashion technology prowess to enhance the TOZ Universe. Efforts will be concentrated on integrating ALTAVA’s fashion assets into the metaverse, encouraging a rich tapestry of community interaction, and ensuring these designs are compatible across diverse virtual landscapes. This strategy broadens the horizon for user creativity and fosters a more interconnected digital ecosystem.

Echoing the enthusiasm, Richard Kim, COO at TOZ Universe, highlighted the transformative potential of this partnership, “TOZ Universe is excited to collaborate with ALTAVA to unlock the full potential of digital fashion within our metaverse. By integrating ALTAVA’s AI-based 3D fashion assets, we are empowering users to personalize their avatars and express their unique identities in the virtual world.”

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, ALTAVA has quickly become a digital fashion leader, collaborating with luxury giants such as Prada, Fendi, and Balmain. Furthermore, with the support of notable investors, ALTAVA has continually digitally pushed the envelope, creating immersive virtual products and experiences that pave new paths for the industry.


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