Earn Alliance Launches ‘Challenges’ to Enhance Web3 Game Discovery

Earn Alliance, an aggregator and discovery platform for Web3 games, has recently unveiled its latest feature – ‘Challenges‘. The aim is to boost player engagement and retention by providing game developers with a ready-to-use platform to reach an actively engaged audience. With nearly 12,000 challenges initiated within a week of its soft launch, Challenges has already shown an impact among players.

What is Earn Alliance? 

Earn Alliance aims to transform game discovery into rewarding experiences igniting gamer passion and driving developer success. According to its website, the platform hosts over 500,000 gamers and aggregates more than 3,500 Web3 game-related social and content feeds. 

Through its network, Earn Alliance has facilitated engagement campaigns for notable games like BigTime and Gods Unchained, which collectively launched over 603,000 NFTs. 

With Earn Alliance, users earn rewards for a variety of activities, including their gaming history, discovering new games, and participating in gameplay challenges.


The new Challenges feature integrates with Earn Alliance’s existing framework, making it easier for developers to implement retention strategies. By launching a system that offers challenges tailored to user preferences and abilities, game developers can easily boost user retention and engagement.

Another advantage of the Challenges system is its integration into games. It provides a scalable and adaptable solution that supports curated and developer-designed challenges. This flexibility hopes to ensure that as a game evolves, its engagement strategies can, too, without extensive additional development.

Source Earn Alliance

Benefits for Players 

For players, Challenges offer a dynamic way to engage with games by presenting new opportunities to earn rewards, such as Earn Alliance’s $ALLY tokens and various in-game currencies. This enhances the gaming experience and encourages ongoing participation and investment in the gaming community.

Furthermore, Earn Alliance recently launched an airdrop from March 28th to April 4th, distributing up to 150 million tokens, representing 15% of its total supply.  

By offering incentives for trying new games, Earn Alliance aims to help developers attract fans more cost-effectively, reducing the expenses associated with fan acquisition. This platform has become essential for gamers searching for new favourites and for developers looking to build and sustain their communities.


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