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The European Commission just published a letter of intent in which they'll move forward on an "initiative on virtual worlds such as Metaverse" next year.

Apple will add a 30% commission to all NFTs purchased via apps on the Apple app store.

Most Expensive NBA NFTs

The Most Expensive NBA NFTs To Date

Sports NFTs are the latest trend in digital collectibles, and many high-profile associations have already joined in. For example, Major League Baseball (MLB) partnered up

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Blockchain sharding explained

What’s Blockchain Sharding?

With “The Merge” phase completed, the blockchain community is now paying attention to the next milestone of Ethereum’s roadmap, namely the “Sharding.”

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DAOs and NFTs

How DAOs and NFTs work together?

DAOs are decentralized organizations formed to accomplish a common mission through community governance instead of a central authority. They range from investor and protocol DAOs

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