Immutable Integrates Transak For Enhanced Payments In Gaming

Immutable, an innovator in the world of zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM), announces the integration of Transak as the principal payment service provider. This collaboration offers an expansion in payment services within the sphere of gaming, featuring both fiat and Web3-based transactions.

Advanced Payment Options in Gaming

With this integration, additional payment options are set to become a part of Immutable’s gaming infrastructure. The payment services provided by Transak will be integrated into systems such as Immutable Checkout and Immutable Passport. This collaboration will include on-ramp, off-ramp, and NFT payment services that facilitate transactions through credit/debit cards, and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Immutable is set to further empower game developers with a configurable interface, thanks to the Immutable Checkout service. This dynamic feature allows developers to incorporate a variety of payment options into their games, fostering game engagement and improving user convenience.

Transak Integration In Flagship Web3 Games

The initial phase of Transak’s integration will focus on Immutable’s flagship Web3 games, including popular choices like Guild of Guardians, Gods Unchained, and Cross The Ages. Transak is no stranger to the realm of payments, being an established payments infrastructure provider, and is utilized by more than 350 applications, including major Web3 wallets like MetaMask, Ledger, and Trust Wallet.

Transak’s service, used in titles backed by Web3 gaming venture capital firm Animoca Brands, is active in numerous games, including Decentraland and Splinterlands. The service offers more than 20 payment methods across 160 countries. Transaction fees range from 0.49% to 3.49% depending on the payment method and country.

As part of the agreement with Immutable, there will be custom pricing, which is projected to be less than Transak’s default pricing. This promise of custom pricing further establishes the commitment of both parties to provide affordable and efficient services.

Finally, it is noteworthy that Transak’s infrastructure supports payments for more than 170 cryptocurrencies across 75 blockchains. This ensures that gamers worldwide have an array of payment options, making Immutable gaming platforms more accessible and user-friendly.


The partnership between Immutable and Transak signifies a substantial advancement in the Web3 gaming industry. By integrating Transak’s comprehensive payment services into Immutable’s gaming platforms, this collaboration paves the way for a more inclusive and flexible gaming experience. 

The inclusion of a broad range of payment options, such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and over 170 cryptocurrencies, caters to a global audience. The configurable interface provided by Immutable Checkout further empowers game developers, enabling them to offer diverse payment solutions that enhance user engagement and convenience. 

With the integration of Transak’s services in flagship games and the promise of competitive custom pricing, Immutable is set to transform the payment landscape in Web3 gaming, making it more accessible, user-friendly, and adaptable to the needs of gamers and developers alike. 


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