My Neighbor Alice Moves to Chromia’s Shared Appnet for Season 4 Release

Chromia, a relational blockchain platform designed for decentralized applications (dapps), is migrating the fully on-chain game, My Neighbor Alice, to its Shared Appnet. The move coincides with the announcement of My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 4.

Chromia’s Appnet for Decentralized Applications

Since being established in October 2023, the Chromia Appnet has become a central hub for dapps, enabling the use of real assets, user base building, and showcasing Chromia’s technology capability. This growth and development has seen Appnet hosting projects like BLK DNM’s Connected Fashion and VfB Stuttgart’s Digital Collectibles Marketplace.

My Neighbor Alice: Merging Gaming and Decentralization

In this landscape, My Neighbor Alice is an open-world multiplayer Web3 game, enabling players to explore, interact, and create by customizing their virtual assets in the form of NFTs. It blends traditional gaming mechanics with the principles of decentralization, operating entirely on-chain. By leveraging Chromia’s relational blockchain technology, My Neighbor Alice offers effective data handling and efficiency. Plus, it removes the need to pay gas fees or manually sign transactions, to enhance the gaming experience.

Source My Neighbor Alice

Reflecting on the transition of My Neighbor Alice to Chromia’s Appnet, Riccardo Sibani, the Chief Product Officer of the game, shared his insights. โ€œWe are committed to the development of open and interoperable metaverses. Utilizing Chromia, we are crafting a game that embodies true decentralization and operates entirely on-chain. Transitioning to Appnet represents a fundamental step in our vision: Power to the Players.โ€

An exciting feature of My Neighbor Alice on Chromia’s Appnet is the successful token bridging from an EVM-based network to Chromia. It allows players to transfer ALICE tokens from the BNB Smart Chain to Appnet, facilitating the crafting of exclusive in-game NFTs on Chromia’s decentralized bridge.

Dapps hosted on the Appnet will transition to the Chromia Mainnet 1.0 following its launch in 2024. With Chromia’s recent unveiling of a new roadmap that includes the release of its public mainnet, the future seems promising for blockchain gaming and decentralized applications.


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