Immutable’s New Solution for Web3 Gaming

The Immutable Passport is the company’s next step towards mass adoption in Web3 gaming. 

ImmutableX is aiming to take Web3 gaming into the next era with its Immutable Passport. The Passport is a simple and secure onboarding solution designed for game studios. Moreover, the Immutable Passport serves to fulfill the priorities of game developers, such as security, simplicity, and plug & play features. 

The Immutable Passport

Essentially, the Passport is a wallet, which offers holders access to marketplaces, analytics, community and a seamless sign-up process. In fact, no password is required for the sign-up process. What is more, users will simply enter a one-time password sent to their email. One simple, familiar login process, which doesn’t alienate non-crypto users.

Thus, gamers will be protected by tight security, and don’t need to worry about being hacked or forgetting their password. In essence, Immutable Passport is a non-custodial tool, which gives holders full control of their assets and private keys.

Additionally, players and developers will gain access to the whole Immutable ecosystem, including numerous user-friendly features. Consequently, gamers can do what they love, and developers have the tools for global scalability.

Onboarding the first billion

ImmutableX (IMX) is a leading platform for building and scaling Web3 games. As a layer two scaling solution on the Ethereum blockchain, ImmutableX focuses on Web3 gaming. Furthermore, IMX is taking on the challenge of onboarding traditional gamers and developers onto the blockchain. 

Hence, the Immutable Passport aims to remove the barriers to entry, and offer a simple way to play, and build in blockchain gaming. The mission is to make the process safe, smooth, and eliminate the complexity associated with blockchain gaming.

Immutable President and co-founder Robbie Ferguson said: “For Web3 gaming to reach a billion players, onboarding must be invisible, secure, and work across any game – mobile, console or desktop.”

“Until now, security and friction have been tradeoffs. Passport is a self-custodial wallet, where users can sign in with just an email and one-time password. It will be a game changer for players and radically reduce user acquisition costs.”

Games on the Passport

Initially, the highly popular games Guild of Guardian and Gods Unchained will integrate the Immutable Passport at launch.

The Immutable Passport will launch in April 2023, but game studios and developers can begin the integration process now. You can find out more here.


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