Discover Cross The Ages: A Unique Gaming Universe

Welcome to Cross The Ages, a gaming universe where fantasy and sci-fi merge, creating a unique Trading Card Game (GTC) experience for players to explore. Cross The Ages is built on blockchain technology and offers a comprehensive value cycle and seamless transitioning from mobile to desktop gaming.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the Cross The Ages Universe, its distinct features, gameplay mechanics, and how to get started on your journey.

What is Cross the Ages?

Cross The Ages is a mobile-centric collectible card game situated within a dystopian collision of realms, drawing inspiration from seven distinct fantasy and science fiction novels. Players engage in both solo and team-based competitions to acquire valuable NFTs, while embarking on Metaverse adventures to uncover precious ‘easter eggs’.

This gaming universe combines free-to-play and play-and-earn mechanics, physical collectible cards with NFTs, and a blend of fantasy and sci-fi elements.

Cross The Ages has opted for Immutable X’s highly scalable, gas-free, and carbon-neutral platform to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

Why is Cross the Ages unique?

Cross The Ages’ vision is to connect the virtual world with the physical realm. Players can own digital and NFT assets and bring them to life in the physical world. The game invokes nostalgia with physical collectibles while embracing modern technology and digital spaces.

Based on seven novels to be published over the next seven years, Cross The Ages explores a universe of high-tech machines and wild creatures with 365 collectible cards released annually. The cards, designed by 75 digital artists worldwide, showcase varying levels of scarcity.

The game adopts a mobile-first approach to introduce players to the story, gameplay, and characters before transitioning to a PC/MAC blockchain-based application for minting NFTs and participating in the online marketplace.

Moreover, players can bridge the gap between virtual blockchain and physical worlds by collecting NFC-enabled physical cards.

NFCs represent the physical version of your digital card deck. Once your NFC deck is produced, the corresponding NFTs will be locked. While you can continue playing with them, selling or renting options will be disabled.

When you sell a physical card, the new owner can scan it, and the associated NFT will be transferred to their account. Be aware that the number of prints for the NFC collection is limited.

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Game Features

Cross The Ages is a game of territory conquest based on the rich and exciting universe of the Cross The Ages saga.

The game enables players to collect digital cards with potential physical activation. Through digital NFT ownership, participants can trace the ownership history.

The game will also allow players to transform their NFTs into tangible off-chain assets.

The digital scarcity within Cross The Ages will support a robust in-game economy where players can buy, sell, trade, rent, and mint non-fungible tokens.

Collectible Cards

Cross The Ages is a territory conquest game set in the thrilling universe of the Cross The Ages saga. Players need a 20-card deck and an opponent to play. The deck comprises three types of cards: battle cards, field cards, and a leader card.

Battle cards are the most crucial and abundant cards in the game. Players use them on the board to capture opponents’ cards and defend their positions.

On the other hand, field cards modify the board and apply effects without occupying space. Players must also designate one battle card as their leader, which grants a unique impact on the board when drawn at the beginning of a game.

Cross the Ages
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In Cross The Ages TCG, players strive to dominate the board skillfully, utilizing their cards’ powers.

There are two methods to achieve victory in the game. Firstly, when the board is full, you must own more cards than your opponent. If the number of cards held by both players is equal, the game results in a draw. Secondly, the game is won if the remaining time for your opponent reaches zero.

Players share a 4×4 grid board, aiming to control as many cards as possible to secure victory. Players can place cards on any empty cell without restrictions, and once a card occupies a cell, it cannot be removed. Card ownership can change during the game, allowing opponents to use each other’s cards.

One-on-one matches between players and randomly selected human opponents constitute the standard gameplay mode. However, friendly duels against known opponents are also available. Designed in a “blitz” format, each player has five minutes to play their turn, resulting in a maximum game duration of ten minutes.

How to Get Started

Players need a deck of 20 cards and an opponent to play Cross The Ages. Cards can be purchased on the game’s marketplace. Cross The Ages has officially released the CTA: Trading Card Game mobile global version, accessible to users worldwide now.

Final Thoughts

Whether competing individually or in teams, players can explore the Metaverse, discover hidden treasures, and build their collection of valuable NFTs and physical cards. With its complete value cycle encompassing mobile gaming, desktop gaming, and physical collectible cards, Cross The Ages has successfully carved a niche for itself in the gaming world.


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