Web3 Gaming Reaches 1 Million Daily Active Wallets

The blockchain gaming industry has witnessed promising expansion in October 2023. According to a report from DappRadar and the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, the industry crossed a milestone of 1 million daily unique active wallets (dUAW), marking a 16% increase from the previous month. This figure represents one-third of the entire industry activity for the month, illustrating the growing weight of the gaming sector within the Web3 environment.

WAX paved the path in gaming activity with 406,030 daily UAW, reflecting an 8% increase from September, primarily powered by popular games like Alien Worlds. Simultaneously, BNB Chain observed a 13% growth in dUAW. Conversely, a slight dip was seen on the Klaytn, Solana, and Arbitrum platforms, registering a fall in gaming activity. On a positive note, zkSync Era saw a 6% uplift. Moreover, The number of daily unique active wallets on Polygon has grown by 5%, now standing at 93,018, indicating sustained growth.

Source Dappradar

Several games maintained or expanded their user base during this time. Alien Worlds kept its top spot as the most used gaming dapp, crossing 133,000 daily UAW. At the same time, Sweat Economy debuted in the United States, strengthening its place in the move-to-earn sector. 

Furthermore, Splinterlands rolled out new features, including the “Immolation” card and the Rebellion pre-sale, in expectation of land gameplay to refresh its community. Also, Nine Chronicles introduced its Ecosystem 2.0, increasing the game’s accessibility and economic systems.

Virtual Worlds

The virtual world space also indicated encouraging trends, with trading volumes growing by 19% since September to hit $3.8 million and land sales showing an upward trend of 17%, accumulating to 10,822 transactions in October.

Nicola Sebastiani is now The Sandbox’s Chief Content Officer, bringing his expertise from Apple and PlayStation Studios. He stresses the growing relevance of user-generated content and the shift to a creator-centric economy in the gaming and metaverse industries. Meanwhile, The Sandbox is progressing with initiatives like self-publishing for landowners and a mobile app set to debut in 2024.

Web3 Gaming Investment Insights

Despite a slight downturn of 4% from the previous month, the total Web3 gaming investments in October reached $154 million. Even amidst an extended bear market, this figure suggests continued investor intrigue in the blockchain gaming and metaverse sectors. 

High-profile investments included Animoca Brands’ strategic alliance with the NEOM Investment Fund, involving a $50 million venture to amplify Web3 enterprise services. Additionally, WEMIX, a Wemade subsidiary, committed $30 million to five Chinese game developers aiming to enhance the diversification of its blockchain gaming portfolio and integrate these games into the WEMIX PLAY platform.

The latest report from DappRadar in October 2023 shows Web3 gaming is not just growing, it’s creating new opportunities. The increase in unique active wallets and continued investments are vital indicators of its potential. This sector is carving out a significant role in digital entertainment, driven by user-focused features and strong market interest.


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