Amazon Prime Partners with Gods Unchained for Exclusive In-game Card Packs

Amazon Prime Gaming has partnered with Immutable Games to offer Amazon Prime subscribers exclusive in-game card packs for the popular online trading card game Gods Unchained.

Monthly Rewards for Prime Subscribers

Beginning this month, Amazon Prime Gaming will offer the first monthly reward, which includes 5 Rare Core Packs and one Core Domain Pack for Prime members. 

The promotion is set to continue for six months, during which new in-game content will be made available each month. Although the cards provided in this promotion are not NFTs, they will be linked to the user’s Immutable account.

This partnership allows players to “fuse” two or more identical common in-game cards to create a higher-quality NFT version. Once created, these NFTs can be traded on the Immutable X network.

Far Horizons

This collaboration coincides with the launch of Gods Unchained’s second in-game season, titled Far Horizons. The new season introduces exciting gameplay mechanics and a new card set named Tides of Fate.

The Tides of Fate expansion set brings new abilities like God Powers and a “manasurge” feature, in line with an Atlantis theme. The set also advances an in-game storyline centered around conflict between mech and dragon factions.

Future Plans

In addition to the collaboration, Gods Unchained has announced a new program for content creators. This program offers up to 6,000 GODS tokens (approx. $2,550) per month as rewards to creators for sharing videos and strategies related to the game.

Gods Unchained is currently available on Windows and Mac, with a soft launch for iOS and Android planned later this year. 


The collaboration between Amazon Prime Gaming and Immutable Games has the potential to enhance the playing experience for Gods Unchained fans significantly. 

Prime subscribers will enjoy exclusive monthly rewards, creating new opportunities for strategic gameplay and the chance to convert in-game cards into tradable NFTs. 

Coupled with exciting developments like the Far Horizons season and Tides of Fate expansion set, players can now look forward to an even more engaging and immersive experience as they continue to explore the Gods Unchained universe.


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