Moonlit Games Teams Up with Merit Circle for Enhanced Gaming Experience

Moonlit Games has announced a collaboration with Merit Circle’s Avalanche subnet, Beam, for its action RPG, “Rogue Nation.” This partnership aims to redefine gaming experiences in the blockchain domain, combining Moonlit Games’ expertise in game development with Merit Circle’s technological framework.

A New Era of Action RPG

Rogue Nation” is a Rogue-lite Action RPG that offers users a free-to-play, cross-platform, and mobile-centric gaming experience. It features a range of characters, pets, weapons, dungeons, and raids, along with competitive gameplay.

By integrating with Merit Circle’s Beam, “Rogue Nation” expectes to significantly enhance its gaming experience. Beam is a multi-chain platform that focuses on simplifying game development and prioritizing user experience. This integration is seen as a significant development in the gaming world, promising a more connected, immersive, and innovative gaming future.

Strategic Web3 Gaming Collaboration

The strategic collaboration between Merit Circle DAO and Immutable combines Merit Circle’s web3 gaming expertise with Immutable’s technological tools. Among these tools are the Immutable Orderbook and Immutable Passport, which aid in player onboarding for web3 gaming.

Patrick McGrath, CEO of Moonlit Games, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration is a pivotal step in reshaping the gaming landscape. By combining creative game development with advanced blockchain technology, we are working towards a more connected, immersive, and innovative gaming future.”

Future of Blockchain and Gaming

As blockchain technology continues to gain momentum, its integration with gaming platforms like “Rogue Nation” is expected to significantly enhance the overall gaming experience. This partnership between Moonlit Games and Merit Circle could set the standard for how gaming companies and developers collaborate in the blockchain space.

The move to Beam provides “Rogue Nation” with an excellent opportunity to expand its reach in the web3 gaming world and cater to a growing number of gamers interested in blockchain-based experiences. By focusing on user experience and integrating valuable tools provided by Immutable, “Rogue Nation” could potentially set the bar for how blockchain games should be developed and played.

Ultimately, the collaboration between Moonlit Games and Merit Circle is a testament to the burgeoning relationship between gaming and blockchain technology. As these two domains continue to intersect, the impact on the gaming industry could be transformed, bringing about an era of heightened connectivity, creativity, and innovation.


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