True ownership set to revolutionize the gaming industry

For decades, gamers and the gaming industry wondered how to effectively translate gaming wins into real-world currencies that can help everyday gamers

The gaming conundrum

As a child learning to play Monopoly, I always wondered about the possibility of converting my amassed Monopoly wealth into real-world money. Gamers and gaming industry practitioners are still asking the questions I had as a child to date.

How can we monetize gaming for everyday people? This is a question that has gotten asked numerous times, and NFTs are beginning to offer a solution that could revolutionize the way we play and monetize video games.

For the last few years, pro video game players have been able to monetize their gaming skills through tournaments and the rise of game streaming. Twitch has become the gold standard for streaming, and we have witnessed the rise of gaming celebrities earning millions of dollars, such as Ninja and Buga.

The gaming industry is now maturing to the point where everyday gamers with average skills can earn some money doing what they love, and excitingly, NFTs have become the key to helping gamers earn a living or money for their time.

With that in mind, it’s essential to realize that we’re currently living through a gaming revolution as more people can earn a living playing their favorite games without the need to be a top celebrity gamer with a plethora of partnerships or sponsorships.

NFTs as the key to true ownership

Almost nobody will argue against 2021 being the breakout year for NFTs, and in 2022, the growth of NFTs might have slowed down, but the maturity of the industry has only picked up steam as we have begun seeing signs that the NFTs space might be slowing down for the good of the industry.

Since the advent of video games, game creators have had an almost monopoly on the funds, and even in the case of free-to-play games, game publishers make a fortune through in-app purchases if the game is popular enough.

Mytheria is an exciting platform worth talking about, and this game now lets users participate in its create-to-earn initiative where users with or without development skills can contribute to the game easily. As a Mytheria user, you can create artworks and trade them on external NFT marketplaces, thereby opening a new income source for users and creators.

Everyday people earn real money in-game

Players spend most of their day playing video games, sometimes spending a considerable amount of money making in-game purchases. At the end of the day, there really isn’t anything to show for the time and money invested except bragging rights.

Now NFTs are beginning to make it possible for gamers to make a living and gain more than bragging rights for their time, passion, and efforts. Game developers, both large and small, are investing heavily into NFT games, and this can only mean that the future of play-to-earn games is bright.


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