Enjoy SpaceCatch – Probably the Fastest Growing GameFi Project That Reached $1.6M During Presale

Today, the gaming industry is increasingly filled with uninspiring titles, and finding an innovative game that stimulates a “Wow” is becoming a rare feat. Most games, whether on PC or mobile, fall into a monotony and boredom pattern.

However, disrupting this ordinary gaming trend is SpaceCatch, a crypto project that defies the norms in the gaming industry by merging elements with cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more. 

SpaceCatch, a blockchain-based game, aspires to be among the most significant crypto projects ever conceived. And it has all the chances.

Even before its official launch, SpaceCatch is generating substantial buzz in the industry, being hailed as the potential Pokémon GO Killer and, more recently, perhaps the fastest-growing project in the GameFi sector, achieving an impressive $1 million during its presale.

The GameFi Project That Breaks the Records

SpaceCatch’s token presale is rapidly selling out, having already raised over $1.6 million as of today, and one of the reasons can be that investors have the opportunity to buy $CATCH at a discounted price of $0.08 before an anticipated increase.

The excitement and FOMO are noticeable, and SpaceCatch positions itself as one of the fastest-growing GameFi projects, achieving a remarkable $1 million in presale round funding.

Operating as a Play-to-Earn (P2E) blockchain game, SpaceCatch enables players to earn rewards by actively participating in battles within the game. 

The CATCH token, designed with a deflationary model, is central to the ecosystem, mitigating the impact on users holding onto their tokens compared to inflationary alternatives. This token is utilized for transactions within the platform, and presale investors gain access to all future activities in the $CATCH ecosystem.

In this community round, 10% of tokens are available. The notable aspect is that, of the total $1.6 million already raised, the last $100,000 was secured in the past 24 hours, underscoring genuine FOMO and the strong commitment of early investors to the project. 

Given the current momentum, early investors may find it fruitful to swiftly gain $CATCH at the current price of $0.08. With less than $600,000 left to raise, the upcoming launchpad round will offer $CATCH tokens starting at $0.09, presenting an enticing opportunity for those looking to buy $CATCH cheaper.

Pokémon GO Killer – A Lot More Fun, Engaging, Based on P2E, M2E, and AR Technologies

With SpaceCatch, you’ll embark on an extraordinary journey into a groundbreaking metaverse game set in a parallel universe invaded by aliens. Having subjugated galaxies far and wide, they decided to target Earth because it was full of life and seemed lacking in brainy beings.

To join the fight against these space invaders, players just need to snap a selfie and get whisked away into the attacked metaverse, becoming tough Catchers. But catching these tricky aliens isn’t a breeze – players need special power-ups earned through physical activities to beat them. Plus, players can create strong weapons and shields using in-game rewards.

To make the experience more immersive, SpaceCatch offers a fun adventure through two modes: Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Move-to-Earn (M2E). In the P2E mode, players battle to win digital goodies, working towards saving Earth. In the M2E mode, players are encouraged to move, earning rewards like Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that improve characters and gear.

Moreover, striving for excellence, the SpaceCatch team adds cutting-edge tech to the game, showing off the magic of Augmented Reality (AR). You can dive into the SpaceCatch world by using your phone to explore aliens seamlessly mixed into your surroundings – whether it’s a mall, home, park, or supermarket. AR makes the game even better, bringing the SpaceCatch universe to life in an exciting and immersive way.

If you remember the hype of Pokémon GO, SpaceCatch takes it to the next level by seamlessly blending gaming fun with the real world. 

So, get ready to be hooked as the game and reality mix, making it a real challenge to put your phone down during this extraordinary AR-powered escapade.

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