New zkEVM Blockchain by Immutable Offers Gas-Free Experience for Players

Immutable’s recent update on the Immutable zkEVM platform brings a breakthrough for developers, allowing them to create gaming experiences that eliminate the need for players to pay gas fees. In doing so, this Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proof-based platform for games, developed alongside Polygon Labs, aims to enhance the user experience and make onboarding for new players easier.

Overcoming Gas Fee Barriers

Historically, gas fees, essential for maintaining blockchain security and decentralization, have been a barrier to the widespread adoption of decentralized gaming. They’ve especially been a roadblock for gamers transitioning from traditional platforms. For example, players must ensure enough of the blockchain’s specific token to cover gas fee costs. This requirement often leads gamers through various steps, such as bridging and swapping, to ensure they have the necessary funds for transactions, a potential turn-off for those new to web3 gaming.

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With the latest move, Immutable is actively addressing this problem, aiming to make the blockchain experience more user-friendly and accessible. Immutable’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Alex Connolly, has highlighted this key challenge: “There are a couple of norms in the blockchain space that mainstream players simply won’t accept — gas fees fall into that category. To truly appeal to all gamers, web3 games must be able to offer players a familiar and streamlined user experience, making the blockchain components as effortless and native as possible.”

Making Gas Fees Invisible: The Immutable zkEVM Way

Immutable zkEVM, tailored for gaming and fully compatible with Ethereum’s Virtual Machine, will allow developers to do away with gas fees. This will render them invisible to players and make new games more accessible by eliminating the gas fee hurdle for gamers. 

With Immutable zkEVM, game developers can sponsor gas fees for users of Immutable Passport, smoothing the onboarding process and boosting transactions. Upon its mainnet launch, Immutable will initially cover these fees across its ecosystem for a limited time. 

Thanks to Immutable’s efforts in making Immutable zkEVM highly gas efficient, the financial impact on game studios is minimal, which they estimate to be $500-$1,000 for every 100,000 users. Immutable is showing confidence that with the right game economy strategies, sponsoring gas fees will significantly boost player engagement, conversion rates, and studio revenues, ultimately making up for the gas costs.

Overall, Immutable zkEVM and its Immutable Passport are poised to change the web3 gaming landscape, allowing developers to make gas fees invisible to players. By treating gas sponsorship costs similar to typical server or infrastructure outlays, games can adopt a model of digital asset ownership that is advantageous for players and game studios.

The easiest way to get started with Immutable is to visit one of the supported marketplaces, such as Immutable X Marketplace or OpenSea. You can then create an account, connect your wallet, and start browsing NFTs.

Gas-free transactions: Unlike the main Ethereum network, Immutable allows users to mint and trade NFTs without paying gas fees. This makes it significantly cheaper and more accessible for users.

Fast transactions: Transactions on Immutable are confirmed almost instantly, eliminating the long wait times often associated with the Ethereum network.

Scalability: Immutable can handle a large volume of transactions, making it ideal for large-scale NFT projects and marketplaces.

Security: Immutable is built on the security of the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring the safety of your NFTs.

Although transactions on Immutable are gas-free, there are other fees associated with using the platform. These fees include:

Protocol fee: A 2% fee charged on all successful trades.

Maker fee: An optional fee set by the seller on the marketplace.

Taker fee: A fee charged to the buyer on the marketplace.

Royalty fee: An optional fee paid to the creator of the NFT on each secondary sale.

Immutable is a layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs built on Ethereum. It offers gas-free minting and trading, enabling fast, secure, and affordable transactions for creators and collectors of NFTs.

Immutable is used by a variety of NFT projects, marketplaces, and game developers. Some notable examples include Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Immutable X Marketplace, and OpenSea.


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