Magic Eden and Yuga Labs Join Forces to Focus on Royalties

Yuga Labs, a leading NFT studio known for its popular collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club, has recently announced that it will no longer support marketplaces that do not honor creators’ royalties.

The Importance of Creator Royalties

For those unfamiliar with NFTs, they are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain that represent ownership of a particular item such as artwork, music, or even tweets. These digital assets can be bought and sold on various marketplaces, with some NFTs selling for millions of dollars.

However, one important factor that often gets overlooked in the hype surrounding NFTs is the issue of creator royalties. Just like traditional artists receive a percentage of profits every time their artwork is resold, creators of NFTs should also receive a royalty when their digital assets are traded on secondary markets. This ensures that creators continue to benefit from the value and success of their work, even after it has been sold.

Yuga Labs’ Decision to Prioritize Creators

Yuga Labs’ recent announcement comes at a crucial time in the NFT market, as more and more platforms are emerging and competing for market share. Their decision to only support marketplaces that honor creator royalties is a bold move that sets them apart from other NFT studios.

In fact, this decision was influenced by the success of Blur, a marketplace that gained popularity for its generous incentive program and reduced royalty fees. As a result, OpenSea, one of the largest NFT marketplaces, lowered their fees in response to stay competitive.

A Shift Towards More Creator-Friendly Practices

Yuga Labs’ firm stance on creator royalties could potentially set a new standard for NFT marketplace operations. By promoting fairness and sustainability within the ecosystem, it may encourage other platforms to adopt similar practices and prioritize creators.

This move could also have a positive impact on the overall industry, as more artists and creators may be inclined to enter the NFT market knowing that their rights and compensation will be respected and protected.

Collaboration with Magic Eden

In addition to their announcement, Yuga Labs also revealed a collaboration with Magic Eden, an NFT marketplace initially focused on the Solana network. Together, they are launching an Ethereum marketplace that places a strong emphasis on enforcing creator royalties.

This partnership not only solidifies Yuga Labs’ commitment to supporting creators but also highlights the importance of collaboration within the NFT community.


As the NFT market continues to evolve and grow, it is crucial for all players involved to consider the rights and compensation of creators. Yuga Labs’ decision to only support marketplaces that honor creator royalties sets a positive example for the industry and may lead to more fair and sustainable practices in the future. With collaborations like the one with Magic Eden, we can hope to see a shift towards a more creator-friendly Web3 environment.


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