Yuga Labs and Magic Eden Partner to Launch a New Ethereum-based NFT Marketplace

Yuga Labs has formed a collaboration with Magic Eden to introduce a new NFT marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain. This venture underscores the commitment to leveraging blockchain technology in support of content creators.

The Magic Eden Ethereum marketplace, scheduled for launch by the close of the year, distinguishes itself by being contractually bound to uphold creator royalties. This marketplace is set to transform the NFT sector by integrating artist royalties, thereby offering unprecedented support to creators.

Setting Goals and Breaking Barriers

The collaboration between Yuga Labs and Magic Eden aims to protect creator royalties and attract more builders, breathing new life into the web3 space. Amidst a rapidly evolving landscape, this partnership ensures a balance between innovation and fairness.

A cornerstone of this partnership is the shared belief in a fair and rewarding system for content creators. Yuga Labs and Magic Eden have resolved to prioritize royalty payments for original work, thus providing creators their rightful due. This commitment signifies a radical shift in acknowledging and treating creators in the ever-growing NFT space.

The insistence of Yuga Labs and Magic Eden on respecting creator royalties sets a powerful precedent in the digital marketplace. It presents a striking contrast to the current industry landscape, where concerns over creator royalties often take a backseat.

Collaborating for Fair Treatment of Creators

Moving forward, Yuga Labs plans to only collaborate with marketplaces that share their principle of fair treatment for creators. Yuga Labs CEO, Daniel Alegre, has made a public declaration encouraging other market players to support their initiative with Magic Eden to ensure equitable returns for creators. The move underlines a shift in industry dynamics, where creators stand central to the dialogue.

This partnership aligns perfectly with Yuga Labs’ dedication to addressing core challenges faced by creators. Moreover, the collaboration emphasizes the importance of building a strong community and facilitating a fertile ground for creators to thrive.

A Vision for the Future

Magic Eden CEO, Jack Lu, underlines the importance of supporting creators through royalty programs. He envisions a future where the marketplace sets new standards for royalty allocation in the industry. This vision, shared by both Yuga Labs and Magic Eden, is set to mold the path for fair practices in the web3 space.

In summary, Yuga Labs and Magic Eden have embarked on an ambitious journey to transform the NFT space with their Ethereum-based marketplace. Their commitment to creators’ rights and a fair reward system present a fresh approach in the industry. As the digital world watches with bated breath, this partnership promises to redefine the NFT landscape with the creators at the forefront.


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