NFT Marketplace, PolyOne Announces Exclusive Release of JourneyOfCuriousity’s Latest NFT Collection

In what is described as a commingling of entertainment, art, science, and technology, PolyOne, a revolutionary NFT marketplace has announced the exclusive release of JourneyOfCuriousity’s latest NFT collection—A Cymatic Exploration of Sound, Science, and Art. Inspired by the unique study of cymatics, this NFT delves specifically into the visual representation of frequencies, sound waves, etc. It offers a peculiar investigation into their mathematical beauty and the remarkable truths they divulge about the universe. 

JourneyOfCuriousity, real name Jacob Lee Addington, is a visionary Australian-based artist with a standout belief in the power of music, and sound, and how they shape the physical aspects of our world. With years of experience, he draws great inspiration from the universe and is committed to bringing sound vibrations to life via enthralling, immersive visual representations. 

A Cymatic Exploration of Sound, Science, and Art 

Originated from the Greek word “κῦμα” meaning wave, Cymatics is the study of wave phenomenon; a concept where sound waves manifest as detailed, mostly symmetrical patterns of media. It describes how sound frequencies shape reality, echoing the mathematical principles found throughout nature—from the Fibonacci sequence in the galaxies to the fractals. 

JourneyOfCuriousity’s Cymatic Exploration of Sound, Science, and Art NFT drop does not just captivate you artistically, it educates you by the mere embodiment of mathematical principles and equations. It represents wave patterns created by harmonic frequencies, illustrating core components like the Chladni figures. 

PolyOne invites NFT enthusiasts and collectors to experience this remarkable merger between science, sound, art, and technology. According to the team, the collection goes beyond digital arts adoption globally but pioneers a greater use case of blockchain as a genuinely disruptive system. 100% of profits generated from this NFT sale will go towards Global One, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol committed to funding innovative private sector projects. 

Speaking to reporters about PolyOne and the upcoming NFT drop, Jacob Lee Adington expressly described the marketplace as a “call to action.” 

PolyOne is not just a new marketplace, it’s a call to action. It’s a global initiative aimed at empowering artists and using blockchain technology for positive social change. More than a platform, PolyOne is a force for good. It changes the narrative around NFTs,” Jacob says. 

“… Chosen for their significance in musical theory” 

Per the press release, the frequency numbers in JourneyOfCuriousity’s NFT drop are chosen specifically for their significance in musical theory, physics, and cosmology. While they may look random, they are positioned carefully to help you unlock the deeper mysteries of the universe and our existence. In addition, they align with PolyOne’s vision to leverage blockchain’s immense potential to replace dividing borders with interconnecting threads. 

The three Cymatics works in the drop are Sesara – Frequency 21.5 Hz, Sintiara – Frequency 27.5 Hz, and Amasara – 30.8 Hz. 

Journey of Curiosity Image – Title: Sintiara. Frequency 27.5Hz

PolyOne’s founder, Shawn Emamjomeh hopes this NFT drop and others in the future sends a message and resonates with life’s frequencies. “We’re thrilled to present Jacob Lee Adlington’s Cymatics on our platform … Our hope for this and every drop on PolyOne is that our message ripples further out and resonates with life’s frequencies, so that together, we may reach an elevated and harmonious collective consciousness,” the founder stated. 

PolyOne believes creators are visionaries pushing the boundaries of the possible. And with this Cymatic NFT drop, the marketplace is stomping its feet as one of the few brands in the blockchain space to delve into something out of the ordinary. 

Click here to learn more about JourneyOfCuriousity’s latest NFT drop on PolyOne. 


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