Bentley NFT collection to Launch on Polygon

Bentley, the prestigious car manufacturer, is set to roll out a genesis NFT to strengthen the bond with its consumers and improve its brand reputation in the market. The objective of Bentley is to head towards the Polygon Network, which offers carbon-neutral sustainability.

Focus More Community Engagement through Web3 Platforms

According to the official statement from Bentley, the automaker wants to prioritize community engagement. It is one of the main reasons Bentley has decided to move to Web3 platforms. The end game of the British automaker is to support its philanthropic efforts through Web3 activations.

Focus on NFT Marketplace

One of the most sought-after luxury car brands in the world has announced that its new venture will tap into the NFT marketplace. The focus will revolve around the Polygon network to achieve carbon neutrality and release 208 different NFTs by the end of September 2022.

First of the Many NFT Initiatives from Bentley

The digital collection will incorporate artwork by the Bentley design team. Benefits of ownership of a Bentley NFT will offer exclusive access and rewards in the planned Web3 eco-system that the British carmaker has planned.

Bentley NFT Collection and Polygon Network

Understand that the collection of Bentley NFTs will solely revolve around Polygon, an Ethereum-based scaling space to onboard millions of people to Web3. Most recently, Polygon managed to achieve a status of carbon-neutral. Therefore, it is no wonder the automaker wants to move away from carbon emissions by the end of the year.

Through this step, All NFTs of Bentley will be carbon-neutral. But it will take a consistent commitment and dedication from the automaker to achieve complete carbon neutrality by the end of 2030. What’s interesting is that this is the same timeframe for the automaker to become 100% battery electric.

Market Awareness and Additional Progressive Initiatives

In 2022, one of the major initiatives of Bentley is to focus on Web3. It is a progressive way to ensure more sustainability in a short time and a step in the right direction. According to Alain Favey, Sales & Marketing member of Bentley, “our customers are able to live within digital space and buy luxurious cars and other goods through digital currency.”

In another statement, the official word is that Bentley also wants to establish its luxurious brand’s presence in the metaverse. Bentley continues to engage with its customers to explore more virtual and digital marketplace options and how it can better offer NFTs. It is looking at how NFTs have increased the value of art, as well as the artist and the automaker believes it can do the same for Bentley in the evolving Web 3 automotive landscape.


Bentley’s foray into the NFT and Web3 scene follows up on most of the luxury market car makers all trying to reach pole position before the race for the metaverse really begins. Brands including Ferrari and Mercedes have already set up shop on the grid. This looks like the start of a very long journey.


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