Mercedes F1 Ethereum NFTs come with an exciting physical addition

FTX’s Mercedes F1 Ethereum NFTs are set to come with actual pieces of the car, and this development is bound to get people excited. The prospect of these NFT collectibles is mouth-watering if you are an F1 sports fan.

Mercedes x FTX: A weekend in Miami

As the Miami Grand Prix race week approaches, Mercedes is set to launch its latest NFT collection that will see some fans become owners of pieces from Lewis Hamilton and George Russell Mercedes amg Petronas cars.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 is partnering with FTX US to debut NFTs in premium and free-to-claim auction formats.

Two Ethereum NFTs will be paired with the actual real wings from Mercedes drivers’ cars at the upcoming Miami Grand Prix. Miami has cemented its place as one of the world’s crypto capitals, so it’s only natural that the inaugural Miami Grand Prix invention should involve a crypto aspect to it.

Since the turn of the Century, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team has been one of the most successful F1 companies. The racing arm of the automotive giant has experienced extended periods of success over the last few years, winning a healthy amount of constructor championships and driver titles.

Despite Lewis Hamilton missing out on the driver title last season, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 is undoubtedly at the top of F1’s pecking order. Over the course of this piece, we’ll look at Mercedes’ partnership with FTX and how this can usher in a new dawn for sports NFT partnerships and their physical representations.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas x FTX

Back in September 2021, FTX and Mercedes-AMG Petronas entered into a long-term partnership. FTX cryptocurrency exchange will launch 1,000 free-to-claim limited editions NFT ticket stubs for the upcoming Miami race weekend. The ticket stub NFT collection will continue with drops at five more races. Mercedes F1 want to keep their global fan base happy.

Some race NFT drops will feature 2,500 free-to-claim limited editions NFT ticket stubs, and each race NFT stub will have an exciting design specific to it. FTX is exploring solutions for the company to add external functionalities and utility to deliver more value to holders and fans.

The pair’s plans for the inaugural Miami Grand Prix get more exciting as the companies have teamed up with famous artist Mad Dog Jones for an NFT drop of 10 limited edition Ethereum NFTs that’ll be auctioned on the FTX US NFT marketplace. Two of the ten limited editions NFTs will feature the NFTs with physical rear wings of cars used during the race and their companion NFT artwork.

Lou Frangella, FTX’s VP of Partnerships, spoke on the project and shared the following: “We really wanted to do it big in Miami and fuse together art, culture, and Formula One.”

Collect ticket stubs at Miami Grand Prix

Additional Info on Participation

The auction bidding for Mercedes amg Petronas f1 will open on May 6 – which happens to be the day practice for the Miami Grand Prix starts, and it’ll run until May 13. A physical NFT gallery will be hosted during the event so users can experience the unique NFT artwork before, during, or after watching them blaze across the track.

Avi Dabir, FTX’s VP of business development, shared the following, “We liked that eye-catching element to this partnership, and the fact that Mercedes is going to be bold here with us.”

After Thoughts on the new Mercedes NFT drop

Fans love collecting memorabilia and ticket stubs have always been a favorite. NFT collectors will love the chance to bag some physical motorsport history with these upcoming NFT ticket stub drops from the amg Petronas f1 team.


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