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Ferrari NFTs Coming to Market Soon

Cryptocurrencies have a tremendous influence on the spread of NFT fever. As a result, it’s expanding at an exponential rate. Nike, Visa, Adidas, the movie industry and Louis Vuitton are a few well-known companies using new technologies and leaping on the digital asset explosion. So, why not Ferrari?

Often, we sell digital assets for a few bucks, but there are a few instances where NFT prices rise significantly. Ferrari, the Italian sports car manufacturer and F1 club member didn’t hesitate to enter the NFT market when it saw the growing popularity of digital ownership. They may not have garnered as much attention as the Ferrari NFT deserved, but they can still be had at a very reasonable price. 

Owning a Ferrari is usually a pipe dream for the average Ferrari Scuderia fan, but with the new Ferrari NFTs, that pipe dream may be a little closer to reality. A new digital asset known as non-fungible tokens has been rising as big tech constructs the Metaverse. It is like possessing the real thing, except that a real thing is a digital object.

Collaboration between Velas and Ferrari

Ferrari and Velas Network ag, a Swiss technology company that is at the forefront of digital technologies, recently formed a joint venture. The Velas relationship will provide the Scuderia Ferrari fan base with access to exclusive digital content.

In an official announcement by Ferrari, Velas Network ag will also serve as Title Sponsor of the Ferrari Esports Series, which is a single-brand online series, and of the F1 Esports Series, the official digital championship for all Formula 1 teams. Farhad Shagulyamov, Velas’ co-founder and CEO, is looking forward to showcasing the company’s platform. Since we’ve developed a next-generation blockchain that prioritizes sustainability and performance, partnering with another symbol of excellence seemed only appropriate.

It’s not just Red Bull Racing that’s doubling down on NFT. One of the team’s drivers, Max Verstappen, recently won the World Championship in 2021. So Red Bull released 33 limited edition Max Verstappen ono-fungible tokens to commemorate his triumph. A huge success; all were sold out in one day!

Courtesy Ferrari. Ferrari Esports team.

Most crypto-related operations face the question of energy efficiency and, in some cases, accusations that heavy energy use is harming the planet’s health. Some of the most popular blockchains are indeed energy-intensive, but this cannot be generalized to all blockchains.

For this reason, Ferrari has chosen to join an organization that is working to solve the “extreme energy use” problem, to mint an NFT. As a result, Velas became their partner. Velas has a carbon-neutral operation, making it a great alternative for those seeking both modern and environmentally friendly technology.

Mattia Binotto, General Manager and Team Principal for Scuderia Ferrari, stated Velas Network ag is “a company that makes innovation and performance the hallmark of technologically advanced products and services.”

What Ferrari NFT products Velas will create is still a mystery. It could even create its cryptocurrency if necessary. The automobile sector will have wholly embraced the new digital economy’s inevitable progression shortly. 

Tesla once accepted cryptocurrency payments and is likely to do so again in the future. We should expect to see more new offerings from Velas Network ag for Scuderia Ferrari fans. According to them, “a new horizon for the sport and the brand”, would open due to the partnership.


Ferrari esports series NFTs were certain to happen, with ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ comes to mind. However, memorabilia from the Formula 1 brand is always welcome by the Ferrari fan base. When the time comes to sell NFTs these collectibles could be a winner.

Ferrari will not be the last luxury sports car manufacturer to mint digital collectibles or embrace digital technologies. Other F1 teams including McLaren, are certain to announce their NFT plans in the coming months. Where one goes, others are sure to follow.

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