McLaren NFT Genesis Collection by MSO Lab

McLaren automotive the British-based Formula 1 racing brand, teamed up with McLaren Special Operations Lab (MSO lab) to introduce the Genesis McLaren NFTs collection. The NFT collection of luxury supercars dropped on May 11th with a price of 0.5 Ethereum per mint. The collection sold out and is now available to buy on the Opensea NFT market. The genesis collection is the McLaren automotive company’s first foray into the metaverse.

McLaren is a Formula 1 racing team renowned for its innovative technology on the Grand Prix circuit. For instance, it was the first Formula One car to feature a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. It is the second oldest F1 team and also the second most successful Formula 1 team ever, winning 186 F1 races, 12 Driver Championships and 8 constructors Championships.

In recent years It has also branched out into the luxury supercars market. The high-end road cars aren’t cheap, with the McLaren GT starting at $203,000. However, don’t fear their NFT collection is not that expensive.

Courtesy NFT McLaren

McLaren NFT collection

The MSO Lab drop consists of 2012 (14 were pre-minted) generative NFTs with five levels of rarity and eight different traits. If you are the owner of an MSO Lab genesis NFT, you automatically gain membership to the MSO Lab platform. It also opens up an ever-growing raft of benefits within the MSO Lab digital community.

Utility for McLaren Automotive NFTs

The project includes great utilities for members of the exclusive new digital community. Among the exclusive rewards for early members is a behind-the-scenes virtual tour of McLaren technology center, guaranteed access to the future drops and permission to attend McLaren automotive events.

Furthermore, all original owners of a McLaren Genesis NFT received an unseen digital sketch from the McLaren design team.


The NFT collection consists of 5 levels of rarity, with each tier being given special treatment by the MSO Labs team.

  • LAB Studio, 1000 unique mcLaren NFTs
  • LAB Studio + consists of 893 digital items.
  • LAB Works, with 100 pieces
  • LAB Icons consists of 5 pieces
  • LAB Honorary, which is 14 pre-minted ultra-limited NFTs.

In addition, the NFTs have eight traits of different rarities in the collection, including car body stripes and race liveries.


MSO Lab community

The collection is McLaren automotive first step into the digital realm, and using their MSO Lab is a good sign of how much effort and investment that are putting into it.

MSO Lab is the McLaren special operations, team. The McLaren design team will use the MSO Lab as the McLaren technology centre in the metaverse where they want to build an MSO Lab community.

The Chief Marketing Officer at Mclaren automotive, Gareth Dunsmore, stated, “I am delighted to be able to finally pull the covers off the MSO LAB digital community which we have created as a new way to interact with customers and fans in the Web3 universe.”


McLaren racing team is the latest F1 company to enter the metaverse. The utilities look good, and access to behind the scene features and early intel for fans is a very nice perk. They follow behind other projects like Ferrari and Mercedes, which have also put out their own digital collectibles.

Finally, you may like to know that the current floor price on the OpenSea marketplace is 0.15 Ethereum, which is a large decrease from the minting price of 0.5 Ethereum.


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