Yeezus To Enter The NFT Market – Brand Wars Emerge?

NFT has the power to change not only the world but also the people. It is evident in the recent action of Ye (formerly known as Kanye West). The rap artist has filed around 17 applications for the Yeezus trademark. 

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, there are mentions of blockchain-based and non-fungible tokens, currencies, collectibles, and any other asset. Furthermore, it elaborates on online retail store services for downloadable movies, videos, TV, music, digital art, and other entertainment segments. 

This could only mean that the 24 times Grammy winner is planning something huge, a breakthrough in technology.

The Older Stance Of Kanye West On NFTs 

If you keep up with the NFT News or Celebrities News, you will remember an incident in February of this year. Kanye took it upon himself to make an Instagram post of a hand-written note. The note in the image read:

“My focus is on building real products in the real world. Real food. Real clothes. Real shelter,” 

“Do not ask me to do a fucking NFT.”

This note was also accompanied by the caption,


It is interesting to witness the change of perspective of the artist within months. How did that happen? 

It Is Not A Wave Anymore – Or Perhaps A Realization 

Perhaps Kanye West (Ye) was also one of the non-supporters of the NFT world, which is understandable. The artist wanted people to focus on real-life things. The previous post was perhaps his attempt to help and influence people. He wanted to show them that tangible life goods and items matter a lot. 

Maybe he failed to do that or not. Regardless of that, he couldn’t ignore the changing air. The wave of NFT settled down, and there has been a market crash, as well. Now, the time for non-value-based NFTs is over. It is all about the value-based and experience-driven NFTs.

Perhaps, at the time of writing the previous post, Janye thought there would be some time before the wave settles and value emerges. But now that there have been so many instances, the rapper couldn’t keep himself off the NFTs. 

The Emerging Brand War In NFT Realm 

Let’s try to put things into perspective. When Kanye made that post, the world was still struggling to find footholds in the NFTs. Since February, we have received several news, tweets, and releases. These include:

  • Nike Crypto Kick NFTs
  • Starbucks announcement on NFT integration.
  • Spotify announcement on NFT profile display.
  • YouTube NFTs in Creation Tool.
  • Burger King, Mcdonald’s and Taco Bell NFT Giveaways.
  • Spider: No Way Home And Warner Bros NFT releases. 
  • The Weeknd’s Crypto-Powered Tour 

A lot has happened within the months of his post. The brands and premium-grade companies have realized the worth of the NFTs. They started to acknowledge the potential of blockchain technology and invest in it.

Perhaps this has also helped Kanye see the potential for the NFTs. Or it could be his way of generating a new stream of revenue. After all, we know that the artist focuses on Real Estate and his Brand to generate revenue. 

The Yeezus Trademark 

It is interesting that Kanye West has attempted to file as many applications as he could to trademark the Yeezus name in the digital world. These include NFTs, Blockchain, Board Games, Entertainment, and more. It could mean that the rap artist is planning something huge.

These are all just speculations, but we could expect him to:

  • Build and launch his own Yeezus Universe in the Metaverse. 
  • The Yeezus Universe could have its original cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other assets.
  • There could be a total NFT asset and a line of experience for fans.
  • Much like Nike and other companies, there could be digital NFTs and goodies for people.

As Kanye has also opted for entertainment like TV, movies, and music, we could expect him to create a Teezus world that has it all.

The Bottom Line – A Smart Move 

We have already seen Nike file a lawsuit against another one of the companies for selling Sneaker NFTs. So, it is a smart move on Kanye’s end. If there are NFTs, blockchain, and such that could take advantage of his name or brand, they will settle down.

Similarly, he would have complete control over the name Yeezus and everything associated with it. This could be a significant leap for Kanye West.

Of course, while people criticize his change of heart to NFTs, we think that it is admirable. A change of thoughts and acknowledgment of the NFT, crypto, and blockchain world’s potential is certainly a step in the right direction for Kanye. 


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