NFT Tech: You Can Book Your Hotel with Room Night Tokens (RNTs)

Since the pandemic crisis, the hotel industry has become more competitive and wants to leverage new tech innovations to take a progressive stand. And this is where RNTs or Room Night Tokens come into play. The fact that one hotel company has managed to utilize NFTs means guests can now use RNTs to sell or buy their reserved hotel rooms in the form of NFTs.

At Casa De Campo Resort and Villa, a hotel in the Dominican Republic, guests are quite ecstatic about new changes and want to use RNTs to buy or sell room reservations as NFTs. 

Casa De Campo Resort and Villa are also in the process of partnering up with Pinktada, the booking service expert. Pinktada allows users to purchase RNTs and book hotel rooms. The company is a startup service agency specializing in NFT-based travel across different countries.

Whether you’re in San Francisco, London, Mexico, Hawaii, or the South of the Caribbean, you can utilize cryptocurrency to make the booking in an instant. 

The idea of buying and selling hotel room reservations in the form of NFT technology like RNTs is revolutionary for guests.


Use Cases and Applications of Room Night Tokens

With RNTs, guests can book a hotel room with an NFT. Room Night Tokens or RNTs ultimately provide a dedicated web3 solution for hotel guests and travelers. Casa De Campo Resort and Villa believe that the NFT-based Room Night Token is a perfect technology to offer more flexibility to hotel guests and travelers.

In fact, it is an added convenience for hotel guests to sell or buy room reservations at a moment’s notice as NFT. With NFT RNTs, there is no need for guests and travelers to cancel their planned vacations. Not to mention, hotel room cancellation comes with a lot of terms and conditions that stress out most guests and travelers.

NFT RNTs Provide More Options

Through NFT technology, hotel guests and travelers will get more than enough options to buy or sell a wide variety of reserved rooms. Casa De Campo Resort & Villa understands that this NFT technology would also attract consumers that usually avoid making traditional hotel bookings.


Avoid Back and Forth Communication to Book Hotel Rooms

Jason Kaisek, Casa de Campo Resort & Villas’s Senior VP also highlights that buying and selling hotel reservations through NFT cuts out the need for endless back and forth communication and saves a lot of time for hotel guests and travelers. However, to ensure the security of the hotel and consumers, guests will have to register on their site to trade NFT-based RNTs

In short, you can use the NFT-based Room Night Token to reserve a hotel room. What’s interesting is that you can choose to sell the same hotel room reservation to another guest. Casa de Campo Resort & Villas strongly feels that this initiative would attract more guests and travelers in the coming years.

No More Hotel Refunds

Eliminating hotel refunds may create hurdles for some users and may even come across as unfair practice. Still, with NFT RNTs, it seems the age of hotel refunds might end for good.

But you have to think of NFT RNTs through the lens of asset tokenization, which gives customers plenty of selling and buying opportunities at a faster pace. With NFTs, the hospitality industry has a chance to drive more growth in the market.


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