Top Metaverse Projects To Keep An Eye Out For

The Metaverse is more than just some NFT projects and games. It could be a new blockchain, a new hub, or even a new cryptocurrency. The term Metaverse technically covers almost everything related to Web 3.0 in most cases. So, when you think about the Top Metaverse Projects, it isn’t just some NFT games but also other great options that could grow exponentially. With that being said, here are a couple of Metaverse projects that could pique your interest. 

1. Stacks Blockchain – A Bitcoin Blockchain

Stacks have existed since 2019 as a system that allowed users to use Bitcoin’s blockchain to build something. It would stack on top of Bitcoin’s Blockchain to help the users utilize the security and other assets on the Bitcoin Blockchain, as it is the most successful and secure blockchain of all time.

Now, with Web 5 development, among others, people could be looking at Stacks Blockchain. It is also a great alternative to Ethereum, making it a worthwhile mention. 

2. Otherside BAYC – The Most Successful NFTs


Yuga Labs launched the teaser for Otherside, and it appears to be an NFT Game. However, it could just be a complete Social Platform that has a Gamified approach, commonly seen in Metaverse. 

Otherside plans on supporting various NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Clubs, Cool Cats, World OF Women, Mutant Ape, and so on. Yuga Labs has also announced that they will be working on their blockchain after the Ethereum incident. 

Ape Coin is also going to hold quite a value as Yuga Labs projects have been the most successful NFT projects of all time. 

3. Tales Of The Wild – Play2Earn, Read2Earn, Listen2Earn, And More. 

Tales Of The Wild is a Web 3.0 experience still under development. Therefore, StepN deserves an honorary mention for introducing the Run 2 Earn initiative in Web 3.0. Tales Of The Wild is working on a similar ‘incentive-based’ initiative. 

The team plans on adding Play2Earn, Read2Earn, Listen2Earn, Watch2Earn, Run2Earn and any other initiative. Basically, the participants will get incentives just for becoming part of the story and adventure. 

Discord is currently active for users to create stories. 

4. Chronoly – Luxury Watch NFT Market With Stocks-Like Approach

Luxury watches

Chronoly is a lesser-known project but gradually growing as a new NFT project that has digital watch NFTs. The digital NFTs are tied to a real-life watch model of the same name, serial number, and more. Hence, these retain their value.

These watch NFTs are available in fragments for users to invest in. Anyone who gets 100% of fragments of any digital watch, can also claim the real watch. The project is digging into the world of making NFTs claimable for real-life goods. It has also disrupted the luxury watch market by partnering with premium brands like Rolex, AP, and Phillipe, among others. 

5. Web 5 – Data And User Security As A New Platform 

Jack Dorsey recently announced that his team, The Block Heads, is working on Web 5, which combines Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. It will be a platform that will enhance user security and allow them to own the data truly. 

Web 5 stands a chance to become something similar to what Facebook was for the Web 2 revolution. It could push the world into a new frontier.

6. The Yeezy Brand 

It is interesting to note that Kanye West was against doing NFTs just a couple of months back. Now, he has filed for a trademark on the Yeezy name for the Metaverse. It isn’t just for the brand name, or apparel. But also for movies, entertainment, and many other things in the Metaverse.

This could hint at a potential development of a complete Yeezy Universe by Kanye West. And this could turn into something grandiose.

7. The Apple’s RealityOS

Apple VR

With the recent Worldwide Developer Conference came the news of the RealityOS. We all are aware of Apple’s stance on using blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They want to create their own thing, an entirely different universe, linked to Web 3.0. RealityOS is the new software under development to make this possible. 

The RealityOS will work with the rumoured Apple Glasses and Apple AR/VR Headsets.

8. Crayta By Meta 

Much like Apple, Meta is also paving the way to create their own universe in Web 3.0 and Metaverse that doesn’t use blockchain or cryptocurrencies so far. Nor does it offer any NFT. They have launched Crayta, a game development hub where players can come and create their games. They can also play other people’s games.

This is another example of how Metaverse and Web 3.0 doesn’t have to revolve around blockchain, cryptos, or NFTs. It could just be about enhancing the user experience. 

Any Other Mentions 

Of course, there are a couple of other projects that you could look at. Similar to Stacks, we have Polygon blockchain, which is growing in demand. Tezos has also shown remarkable potential. Solana is struggling but keeping up.

Yet, these are all the Metaverse projects that show that things are spreading out in the Metaverse. It will be worthwhile to keep an eye out for these and see how they will shape the Web 3.0 experience and The Metaverse. 


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