Wax Studios Announce Big Updates for Blockchain Brawlers

Huge announcements include a legendary new addition to the team, more in-game features, and a shake-up to the game’s tokenomics.

WAX Studios have announced some big changes to their play-to-earn (p2E) blockchain game sensation ‘Blockchain Brawlers’. 

First, after studying the game’s initial economy after the beta launch, they’ve made a key adjustment to the tokenomics.

Namely, they’ve reduced the maximum supply, from 1 trillion BRWL tokens to 1 billion BRWL tokens. 

WAX Studios have been quick to encourage players to hold onto their assets, which will be needed for the next phase of the game.

Enter Richard Garfield – a pioneer in the traditional gaming space and creator of the digital card game ‘Magic: The Gathering’. 

Garfield has been brought on board the WAX Studios team to spearhead the new phase of Blockchain Brawlers, the Player v Player (PvP) phase.

Garfield said of his role in the game: “I am aiming for a game that is entertaining and immersive with real strategic choices and opportunity for risk-taking—yet easy enough to learn that it opens up Blockchain Brawlers to a broad player audience.”

Indeed, this PvP phase will launch as soon as the supply of the BRWL tokens and Gold has reached its 1 billion limit.  

Once the token supply has reached its limit, the game’s economy will truly be tested. 

Hence, WAX Studios are planning some ground-breaking strategies to ensure that the economy is fundamentally balanced and “non-inflationary”.  

The game’s current phase has been labelled the “mining phase” and WAX Studios have been vocal about their plans to shake up the P2E space – with their gameplay-centred approach

The PvP phase will “feature gameplay focused on reaching the broadest possible mainstream audience.”

This switch of focus will be unique in the P2E space, which has been predominantly ‘mining’ – collecting in-game assets and selling them off – up to this point. 

With Michael Rubinelli and Richard Garfield at the helm, you have to think that Wax Studios are well-positioned to shine in the gameplay aspect. 

Speaking of which, they announced two new features coming to their game in Summer ’22: Factions and Leaderboards. 

These additions will be added during the critical mining phase of the game – adding variety and intrigue to the race for financial glory in the ‘Brawlerverse’.

As for Factions, think pro wrestling ‘stables’ like the timeless Degeneration-X and the N.W.O. 

Players will be able to form their own Factions in the Brawlerverse and battle with other Factions to see whose team reigns supreme. 

The Faction element will include leaderboards, achievements, and competitions, adding incentive for players to hold onto their assets and play more of a long game, as opposed to a quick cash grab. 

Finally, “Power Score” Leaderboards are soon to be brought in as extra motivation for those chasing glory in the Brawlerverse. 

The power score will comprise the total value of a player’s Brawler NFTs and in turn, exclusive rewards will be up for grabs, such as BRWL, Gold, and Championship Belts. 

Stay tuned as this fascinating project develops.


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