Booming Bids for the Blockchain Brawlers

The Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) has sent the NFT community into a frenzy with their highly coveted Blockchain Brawlers. The “Founders Edition” of legendary brawlers has captured the imagination of collectors and investors, with brawlers going for up to 80,000 WAXP (22,000 USD). 

The next drop, in early March, will feature 100 legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair NFTs!  This unique collection, all 1 of 1 Ric Flair NFTs, captures his charismatic, iconic persona and will send the community into raptures. 

If you’re lucky enough to get on the “whitelist” for this collection and secure a pack, you will receive a “Nature Boy” NFT and one free Ring NFT, which will come in one of four editions (Standard, Hard Core, Cage Match and Death Match). These ring NFTs are crucial components to carving your brawling legacy in the game.

“We’re head over heels excited for “Nature Boy” Ric Flair to join Blockchain Brawlers,” said William Quigley, President and Co-Founder of WAX. “He has made massive waves in the ring for decades, so it’s only fitting for him to bring his talents and exuberant persona to the metaverse. This is a dream come true for the WAX family and community.”

A brawler’s life

With so much happening in the blockchain games and NFT space, WAX have weighed in with something special. They’ve arrived with a collection of NFTs, which have truly struck a chord with the community. We’ve all lived a brawler’s life vicariously through watching our wrestling heroes in WWE. Now, we can live that life in the metaverse with our own brawler NFTs. 

Blockchain Brawlers will allow players to take their unique 1 of 1 brawler and launch their own career, as they brawl their way to supremacy. Whilst building your legacy in the game, you can earn $BRWL tokens in order to buy more gear and craft your legend in WAX’s player-driven economy. 

A player-driven economy

WAX will auction just 1,050 total NFTs before day 1 as they focus on establishing a stable Blockchain Brawlers economy.

Before introducing the game to a larger audience, WAX will analyze more than 20 different behavioural metrics based on the initial 1,050 players. In what is a revolutionary approach to the play-to-earn space, WAX will then fine-tune their economy and make daily improvements based on their analytics. 

At the heart of this experience is the Esports legend himself, Mike Rubinelli, who is head of Wax Game Studios. Rubinelli has over 20 years’ experience at the highest level of Esports including executive posts at Disney, EA and he was CEO of Esports Mogul. 

Mike said: “Blockchain Brawlers on WAX represents a huge leap forward for the blockchain gaming community of players. We combine best-in-class user experiences with an ultra-compelling crafting component.”

“This will be buoyed by a well-balanced in-game economy to deliver the most compelling experience in the P2E space.”

Blockchain Brawlers is the latest gigantic addition to the play-to earn space. We’ll have much more news on Blockchain Brawlers as the launch creeps closer, including an interview with WAX Game Studios’ leader, Mike Rubinelli.


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