Meet the Brawlers!

The release date of the highly anticipated Blockchain Brawlers edges closer and WAX have revealed to us some full-body shots of their Legendary Brawler NFTs. 

These NFTs have been selling like hotcakes, with the “Founders Edition” Brawlers being auctioned for 30000-80000 WAXP ($10,000-22,000).

What is striking about these Brawlers is the attention to detail and innovation that has gone into each charismatic Brawler. There’s a depth to each character, which the initial 1050 players of this game will enjoy building upon. 

Play-to-earn (P2E) experiences are emerging in the metaverse and WAX is aiming to create a stable, healthy economy on their own WAX Blockchain, starting with just 1050 players on day 1. 

The game invites players to forge an epic wrestling career with their 1-of-1 NFT Brawler. Brawl, earn, craft, repeat. 

$BRWL Tokens will be earned through Brawling, and $BRWL can be used to heal your fighter, equip them with fighting gear (baseball bats, steel chairs etc.) and acquire rings for your Brawlers to do battle in. 

As of now, WAX is continuing to auction their Founders Edition Legendary 1-of-1 Brawler NFTs, with the Legendary Ric Flair collection the latest to go on sale on March 3rd. 

Brawlers come in five categories, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary. The rarer the Brawler, the more $BRWL can be earned in WAX’s player-driven economy. 

WAX sent us some exclusive full-body shots of a few of their highly coveted NFTs and their quirky backstories, so let’s get to know a few of these legends! 

Remember, these guys have already been sold, but there’s much more to come!

Iron Pride

“Don’t let Iron Pride’s wheelchair fool you. He’s all about love until he’s not anymore. Never opposed to nibbling on arms and legs with his freaky chompers.”

King’s Gambit

“Checkmate! Hailing from Knight to F6, King’s Gambit has some serious opening moves. He’s known for trapping opponents in the corner of the ring, though he’s oddly claustrophobic himself.”


“Born in Chengdu, China, Pandana is an animal on the ropes. His long, strangely shaped arms are hard to escape… if he can get them under control.”

Thrilla Gorilla

“AKA the Screaming Monkey, Chicago’s very own Thrilla Gorilla hypes himself up by screaming into the mirror and beating on his chest. Impressively strong diaphragm. Will use it against you in the ring.”

Ace of Hearts

“Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Ace of Hearts often smells strongly of incense and bath bombs. His motto: “Love’s the best drug.” He’ll knock you out with his beating heart if you’re not careful.”

Now you’ve met some of the Brawlers, let’s see how you get your Brawling career started.

How to play Blockchain Brawlers?

1: Get a ring – Standard, Hardcore, Cage Match, Death Match. Depending on the level of your ring, you can get more Brawlers Brawling and earn more $BRWL

2: Get a Brawler – Your own, unique 1-of-1 NFT, whom you will take on a journey of Brawling, earning and crafting in the metaverse.

3: Get some gear – brass knuckles, steel chairs and baseball bats will certainly assist your Brawler in battle and earn more $BRWL!

4: Fight for fame and fortune – gather $BRWL Tokens to forge a career and equip your legend with all the tools he needs to thrive in the Brawling metaverse.

How to earn from Blockchain Brawlers?

Once the games begin and you’re immersed in the world of Brawling and earning $BRWL, a bridge will be created from the current blockchain Binance to WAX, where you will be able to transfer your Blockchain Brawler to your WAX Cloud Wallet. There you will be empowered to trade/sell on the secondary market. 

We’ll have an exclusive interview with Mike Rubinelli coming up next so stay tuned for more developments on the Blockchain Brawlers front!


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