Blockchain Brawlers Announce Player Narratives as Plot Thickens!

Hot on the heels of their launch last week, WAX just announced that they will be kicking off the ‘player narrative’ phase in their new play-to-earn experience ‘Blockchain Brawlers’.

Blockchain Brawlers launched last week and has received high praise for its strong foundations and player-driven economy. Now, they’re moving into a very interesting development in the BRAWLERVERSE – in-game ‘angles’ and storylines for players!

Head of WAX Game Studios, Michael Rubinelli, told us a few weeks back that the BCB community was going to be central to the BCB universe. Indeed, they’ve stayed true to their word, as the team has moved straight into the first phase of their ‘player narratives’. 

Blockchain Brawlers – our reaction!

First, let us reveal our initial thoughts on the game so far. We’ve been playing the game and can confirm that it’s already highly addictive! It is safe to say, BCB has serious potential as a ground-breaking play-to-earn experience. Although the barriers for entry are big, we’re convinced that the game can pay high dividends for those willing to invest. 

Indeed, some Brawler owners have been experiencing big returns from their participation in the game thus far.

What is more, at the time of writing, Gold is more valuable than $BRWL on the secondary market. Thus, we own a Common Brawler with a Common Weapon and they have more chance of winning Gold than the rarer Brawlers. This means that Common Brawlers can gain big financial returns in the game. 

That’s a real game-changer. The fact that you can’t simply ‘mine’ your way to the top of the economy has created an enthralling dynamic.

Early days in BCB journey

Make no mistake, we’re in the early days of the BCB gaming experience.  Currently, the ‘gameplay’ is essentially clicking your mouse to ‘Brawl’ every hour, earning your $BRWL tokens and Gold NFTs, then using your $BRWL and Gold to heal your Brawler and craft better Brawlers, Gear and Rings.

Hence, it seems that WAX Game Studios have focused, first and foremost, on creating a stable in-game economy. As more players come on board, the $BRWL currency – with its strong utility in the game – will appreciate in time. This is surely the right foundation for building a legacy in blockchain gaming.

Furthermore, the BCB roadmap, which was released last week, has revealed eye-opening developments in the game which are coming in the not-too-distant future.

Namely, for Q2 2022, we can expect factions and faction leaderboards, in-game tournaments for prizing, a full Brawlers soundtrack, rent-a-brawler and of course, players in the narrative. As you can imagine, these developments will add new levels of depth to the already engrossing P2E game.

Player Narratives

Indeed, it will be fascinating to see the emergence of player narratives, which WAX just announced via their Medium channel. 

In the first phase, members of the BCB group on Discord will be invited to play a key role in this interactive, content-driven experience.

Think about the pro-wrestling world – with all its engaging storylines and narratives behind the scenes. All those iconic personalities, who have become legends and heroes for wrestling fans around the world. Now, imagine new stars emerging in the BRAWLERVERSE – a pro-wrestling universe in the world of Web3 – driven by the BCB community! 

In the BRAWLERVERSE, these narratives will translate to players creating memes and writing social posts in the BRAWLERVERSE story Discord channel (coming soon).

Additionally, the General Manager of the BRAWLERVERSE ‘JustMike’ will be hand-selecting Character VIPs to enter bio information that may be included in the storylines. As this phase develops, we are likely to see more character stories emerge in a personalized fashion – creating more gripping, immersive gameplay.

Furthermore, during this emerging player narrative phase, selected members of the Discord channel will be invited to take part in an “experimental survey”, which solicits feedback on many aspects of the BCB experience. This community feedback will ensure that Wax Game Studios stay on top of this highly experimental, player-driven P2E experience. 

Of course, we’re not quite at the stage where players will be doing battle against one another live. The PvP stage is scheduled for Q3 2022 and, based on the track record of Michael Rubinelli and his team, it promises to be epic. 

With all that’s happening, it’s hard not to get excited about the latest P2E sensation – Blockchain Brawlers. Stay tuned for more updates as this community-driven game develops!


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