Infinity Land Token Presale is Live with 30 Million IFL for the taking

Infinity Land Token presale began on 31 April and will last until May 5th. From the 1 billion IFL total supply, the project is planning to sell 30 million tokens in this stage. At the moment of writing, they have already sold 0.01% of the 30 million tokens reserved for presale. 

The token’s exchange rate is 1 BNB to 3000 IFL. The minimum quantity that may be purchased is 0.2 BNB, and the highest amount is 10 BNB. 

Through this presale, you will have the chance to be closer to the project and be able to buy their NFTs and be part of the future metaverse game.

What is Infinity Land Token?

Infinity Land Token provides an ecosystem with fictive planets, where it gives the users the chance to collect valuable real-world digital items that have been created with blockchain technology.

The platform not only provides the full ecosystem of fictive planets but also offers NFTs with stories that can be used in the metaverse new ecosystem. Behind the whole concept, they have as technology BSC20. 

Through the whole idea, Infinity Land Token provides items to the members’ by playing their games and collecting the NFTs. Through this process, you will choose how and in which your coin is going to decide your future.

Infinity Land Token – story and plans

The platform has been created by an innovative young team that has lots of experience behind when it comes to the cryptocurrency domain. Everything they are doing, they are doing it with passion and confidence. The team is defined by the slogan “Our currency is the future.” 

The whole concept started around the end of 2021, when the team started to sketch the project. After a while, they have created the platform where members have got the website friendly and all the information they needed.

And now, they have got to the point where they have their token presale, where they want to extend the development team, get the audience on social media, and invest in new steps.

Even though they are at the beginning, Infinity Land Token provides a new way and fun of using NFTs. Other than that, they will make the platform flourish with the presale and start putting their community altogether.

Be part of the Infinity Land Token

Join the Infinity Land Token community and be one of the members that have been from the start onto this platform.

Follow them on social media channels to be up to date with the latest news and get any support from the team that is always active on the Telegram channel.

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