ESPN and Tom Brady Collaborate on NFTs

ESPN, one of the most famous sports broadcasters, is partnering with Autograph, a company owned by seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady

Tom Brady: Man in the Arena

Few names personify excellence as much as Tom Brady, this Man is one of the most successful athletes ever. In more ways than one, Tom Brady has played a massive role in the drive to make American Football a global sport.

As a living legend and the face of the league, Tom Brady has led the charge of active and retired NFL athletes making the most of the NFT ecosystem.

Since 2021, Tom Brady, through his NFT outfit, Autograph, has participated in some of the most iconic and exciting NFT projects. And by the looks of things, it seems like his NFT journey has only just begun.

ESPN is currently in partnership with Autography to help deliver an NFT collection that’ll celebrate Brady’s “Man in the Arena” documentary series. The Man in the Arena documentary tries to make sense of a few of the most iconic moments in Brady’s career, on and off the field.

The NFT collaboration launched on April 6, and it’s one piece in a puzzle that’ll help both ESPN and Autograph achieve their goals.

Man in the Arena: A unifying project

Tom Brady announced his retirement recently after the 2021-22 NFL season, but as many people suspected, he was retired for only a short while. Physically, it’s evident that Brady still has a lot left in the tank, his decision to initially retire left room for a lot of speculation.

Now that Brady is officially back, there have been reports and rumors that Brady never intended to retire, but media pressure made him make the short-lived decision. Tom Brady’s father suggested that the media may have strong-armed his son into making the retirement decision.

Whether or not there’s any merit to the argument of media influence on Brady’s decision, one thing is for sure, Brady has moved on because this partnership between ESPN and Autograph would have never happened if there was bad blood between Brady and ESPN.

Beyond Man in the Arena

When you’re number one in a league as competitive as the NFL, everyone wants your position, and not every player has what it takes to get to the top and stay there. Brady has consistently been head and shoulders above most of the competition, and that’s one of the things that solidify his greatness.If you would like to enjoy the Man in the Arena documentaries, it’s available on ESPN+, and for a short while, it’ll be available on Disney+ and Hulu. The Man in the Arena NFT collection is available, and if you would like to get in on the action, the time is now.


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