Tony Hawk’s upcoming NFT project to feature physical skateboards

Tony Hawk is a skateboarding legend, and the recent announcement that his forthcoming NFT project will feature physical NFTs is getting fans excited. Let’s skate into the Tony Hawk NFT collection.

Fly Tony, Fly

Odds are, when you think of skateboarding, one of the first names to come to mind is Tony Hawk, and to say that Hawk is a skateboarding legend would be an understatement. In numerous ways, Tony Hawk has been able to lead the sport to unimaginable success while motivating the next generation of skateboarders.

Tony Hawk is known for his memorable tricks including the Finger Flip, Frontside Cab, Magic Dance, Varial 504 and Gymnast Plant. If you still don’t recognize the name you may know him from the video game, ‘Tony Hawk’s ProSkater’.

Aside from having an epic name made for entertainment, Hawk has become known for his fantastic personality, further endearing him in people’s hearts from far and wide. In more ways than one, the greatest skateboarder of all time lives an ordinary life, and fans are sometimes confused to see him in public alone doing regular people things.

In case I haven’t done a great job of showing you how awesome of a guy Tony Hawk is, seeing him in public alone has birthed an exciting class of memes where people walk up to him and ask if he is Tony Hawk.

When news filtered the airways about a potential NFT project from Tony Hawk, the skateboarding community was understandably abuzz. When Tony works on a project, fans usually find it hard to contain their excitement.

Last Trick NFT Collection

In December 2021, Tony Hawk released his Last Trick NFT collection via the Autograph marketplace. Autograph was launched by Tom Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion and sports legend. 

The Last Trick collection consisted of 16,600 NFTs that come in five levels of rarity. He also used five of his signature tricks including Frontside Cab, Magic Dance, Finger Flip, Varial 5 and Gymnast Plant. The drop came in the form of a Tony Hawk mystery container.

The NFTs include a video clip of Tony hawk doing his tricks. Midway through the clips, the videos transition into animated NFTs.

Are you interested in owning NFTs from Tony Hawk that comes with signed physical skateboards? If your answer is yes, then you’re in luck.

Tony Hawk Release Includes 5 Autographed Physical Skateboards

Tony Hawk and his team recently announced that they would auction the skateboards used during Hawk’s Last Tricks, and each NFT will feature physical skateboards signed by Hawk. Additionally, a lucky individual named Garry DeBoer was randomly chosen to win Hawk’s Frontside Cab Board.

Autograph shared the following tweet concerning the latest development, “Congrats to Autograph collector Garry DeBoer. A piece of Tony Hawk history is now yours to cherish forever. The remaining boards Tony used to retire five signature moves will be auctioned starting Tuesday of next week.”

Five skateboards will be featured in the latest installment of the Tony Hawk NFT Collection, and the first board is scheduled to be sent to DeBoer today, Monday, April 18, 2022. The board was used in the making of the Frontside Cab NFT.

Tony Hawk will auction off the other four boards on Tuesday, beginning with the signed Finger Flip and Gymnast Plant boards. The other autographed skateboards, the Magic Dance and the Varial 504 will also be auctioned off the same day.

Tony Hawk NFT x Autograph

Autograph has made it a priority to partner with legendary sports personalities. Apart from Tony Hawk, the marketplace collaborates with Tom Brady, Simone Biles, Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods and Wayne Gretsky.

The rise in NFT collections by sports legends is a step in the right direction for the NFT ecosystem, and Tom Brady, through his Autograph NFT marketplace, is championing the cause. As time progresses, a question that more people ask is “what’s next for Autograph?” and the NFT marketplace keeps exciting fans and holders alike.


Tony Hawk is a legend in the world of skateboarding for his signature tricks. The latest Tony Hawk animated NFTs drop and auction with the accompanying signed physical skateboards used in the making of his Last Trick collection is sure to be exciting and most probably expensive.


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