The 2022 Indy 500 NFT Collection

Tom Brady’s Web3 company, Autograph, is launching its Indy 500 NFT collection on May 29. Autograph partnered with IndyCar and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to present the collection.

This exclusive NFT collection and an even more unique collaboration consist of a three-part NFT series. The first part of the launch will be in the form of an Indianapolis 500 Race Day (2022) commemorative ticket. The second part will be the NTT IndyCar Series Mystery Container.

The container will feature a total of 33 unique driver cards. The 33 cards will be distributed to the top-performing athletes participating, in the 2022 Indy 500. The third and final event will be an all-exclusive and meticulously recreated 3D NFT card of the Indianapolis 500 1972-winning car for Team Penske.  

The Race Day Ticket Commemorative NFT 2022

Autograph will be offering free 2022 race day NFTs to people who have booked seats for the legendary motorsports event. The NFT will be legitimized and certified by blockchain tech. In addition, all ticket holders will have the option to redeem their NFTs to be eligible for exclusive content throughout May 2022.

The Mystery Driver Container 2022 Presented by IndyCar and Autograph

It is a one-of-a-kind NFT that contains the name of one of the 33 athletes participating in the 2022 IndyCar Series. Every driver in the 106th Indianapolis 500 will get a special container. The contents will be revealed on May 27. IndyCar fans will have the opportunity to collect one of the 33 race containers in the last days leading up to the event.

Moreover, each NFT cardholder will also get a mystery container holding a unique utility (a carbon fiber piece from their favorite driver’s Indy race car).

Recreation of the Indianapolis 500 1972-Winning Car NFT

The third and final part of the collection will be a limited edition NFT card. Tom Brady’s Autograph and Team Penske collaborated to create a 3D rendition of the iconic 1972 Indy race car as a tribute to the team’s first Indy win 50 years ago.

CEO and co-founder of Autograph, Dillon Rosenblatt commented that they are excited to welcome one of the Worlds, top-most racing events to start their journey, into the World of Web3 and are proud to have collaborated with IndyCar 500 to make this dream a reality.

The main focus of this unique NFT is to pay tribute and homage to one of the most illustrious and successful Indy 500 teams, Team Penske, and to drive fast into the future of the world-renowned motorsport. Each NFT has been designed with intricate detail, birthing an exclusive and never before seen collection that will offer new kinds of rewards for fans.

Executive Vice President of Penske Corp., Johnathan Gibson, stated that the team is absolutely ecstatic to present this exclusive NFT in partnership with Autograph for loyal and dedicated fans of the sport, helping them take a leap into the Web3 stratosphere. 


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