NFL All Day’s Super Bowl Surge: Tom Brady NFT Leads the Charge

As Super Bowl weekend approached, the NFL All Day digital collectibles brand, created by Dapper Labs, experienced a surge in momentum. The release of NFT packs during the NFL playoffs in January looks to have driven this growth, leading to high-value sales. Moreover, Dapper Labs recently sold a video NFT featuring Tom Brady for over $40k last month.

NFL All Day’s Recent Performance

Since the start of the NFL’s regular season in September, NFL All Day has amassed nearly $10 million in sales. While this is impressive, it falls short of the sales volumes seen by Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot, which reaches hundreds of millions of dollars per month. Nevertheless, the recent release of promotional NFT drops featuring legendary Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks like Joe Montana and John Elway generated big interest in NFL-themed digital collectibles.

Source NFL All Day

Notable sales within the NFL All Day brand include an Aaron Rodgers NFT, which fetched $34,000. Additionally, a video NFT of Tom Brady, showcasing five touchdowns from a 2021 game for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, sold for $40,712, further fueling the interest in NFL-related digital collectibles.

NFL All Day “Moments” are officially licensed digital video collectibles that highlight standout plays and performances from the NFL. Each Moment offers detailed visuals and information about the specific game and player involved, aiming to capture the essence of the most memorable highlights. 

Drawing inspiration from the success of NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day has become a draw in the NFT market by engaging collectors in a way reminiscent of the enduring appeal of traditional physical trading cards.

This year’s Super Bowl, in which the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in a thrilling overtime victory, lacked the usual crypto marketing. Companies like Coinbase and were absent from the advertising lineup this year. The recent market downturn in 2022 may have led crypto companies to adopt this cautious approach. With efforts focused on market recovery, these companies chose not to spend millions on Super Bowl ads.


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