David Bianchi’s Cinematic NFTs highlight artistic and tech revolution

David Bianchi has released his latest NFT project, ‘The Revolution is Being Televised’, 6 Cinematic NFTs, of which 2 are currently available on Superrare. With these 6 cinematic NFTs, David again takes NFTs to another sphere.

Moreover, this is close on the heels of his ground-breaking series of Spoken Word Poetry NFTs, ‘The Modern Day Minstrel’ which we have covered.

David states that his latest project is “cinematic story-telling NFTS, focused on artistic and technological revolutions”.

Cinematic NFTs series

‘The Revolution is Being Televised” is a series of 6 cinematic NFTs written and directed by David Bianchi. Each NFT represents an aspect of today’s global revolution.

The concept of the “Revolution Is Being Televised” was an answer to the original poem written in 1970 by Gil Scott Heron “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”

For his portrayal of the cinematic NFTs, he has used the new global symbol for revolution and resistance, the Guy Fawkes mask. The hacker group ‘Anonymous’ first first used the mask, in 2008, and was then adopted by the “Stop Wall Street’ movement in 2011.

Each cinematic NFT takes on a different faucet of the social revolutions going on around the world. First, we have ‘Welcome’, followed by ‘Televised’, ‘Computer, ‘FIAT’ and ‘Physical’ and finally ‘Veritas’.

The revolution is being televised


‘Welcome’, the introduction to the series sets a menacing air. In it, Guy’s disguised voice announces,

“What you are about to witness is not a fabrication, It is not hyperbole, the revolution is being televised. Roll Sound, Action!”

This demonstrates the dramatic way in which the Revolution is broadcast in the modern world.

In David’s own words;

“Greed, capitalism and dark elements of life are treated like leading actors in a play. But rather than an ensemble of actors the cast members are tragic news stories that are sensationalized the same way celebrities are.”


The second cinematic NFT considers the issue of media control. Each time we watch a news item, huge media conglomerates twist and censor the stories to feed their own or others agenda.

‘Televised’ is in answer to the original poem written by Gil Scott Heron “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”

It disputes his vision of the future and shows that social media and other independent media outlets are now televising the revolution.


The third sequence is a shout out to the computer and those who have used technology to start overthrowing the world financial systems that benefit the few. Be it the Decentralized finance revolution or a solitary activist at their computer screen.

‘Computer’ can also be purchased on SuperRare. Both cinematic NFTs have a reserve price of 10 ETH.


Next, David tackles the demise of traditional FIAT currencies and their replacement with crypto currencies. He also surmises that, “We are in the beginning of the largest
financial revolution since the gold standard.”

FIAT is now for sale on SuperRare.


With the fifth cinematic NFT we take a look at how digital art, crypto currencies and NFTs are creating the biggest ever upheaval the Art World has ever seen. Out with the physical, in with digital art. Is the destruction of physical art upon us?


Lastly, we have a cinematic NFT, Veritas, which comes from the Latin and means, ‘Truth is Mighty and Will Prevail.’

Here, he shows that the end result of these underlying causes, is social revolution. As with all revolutions, there are reasons and costs. However, the fight against injustice in all its forms cannot be stopped. The revolution will continue.

David Bianchi cinematic NFTs

About David Bianchi

David is a multi-talented individual, with a heady resume. He is a world-renowned Spoken Word Poet. He is also a digital and abstract artist as well as, an actor, producer, writer, and director with many credits to his name. Additionally, he has 3 film awards and 4 nominations, the most recent in 2021.

David Bianchi, also cares fervently, about social justice and has been an activist since 2003. This can been seen in his thought provoking NFT poem series and his cinematic NFTs

If you wish for more incites into David, you can read a recent interview with him.

In addition, you can head on over to Vimeo, for further background into the making and reasoning behind, ‘The Revolution is Being Televised’ .




“The Distance between Greatness and Mediocrity is your Perception” – David Bianchi.


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