David Bianchi, actor, globally renowned spoken word poet releases NFT poem/art piece combo on Superrare.

Brazilian born American actor David Bianchi’s new NFT is named, ‘Entertained – The Modern Day Minstrel #004’.

It is the fourth piece in a series that wishes to highlight the inequalities in society through a combination of thought-provoking poetry, combined with striking images conveying the anger of the marginalized people.

 David has once again collaborated with the Los Angeles based photographer, Isaac Alvarez to create his latest piece.

The Modern Day Minstrel has a reserve price of 3 Eth. Once that reserve has been reached, bidding will be allowed for 24 hours.

The following excerpts are taken from Superrare with David’s prior permission and knowledge.

David Bianchi The Modern day Minstrel

The minstrel laughs with all his might to disguise his shame, assuming the role white audiences demanded of him. His cheerfulness is all an illusion, and underneath his heart pumps with fury as they mock his culture and ancestry.

For over 150 years white audiences paid to laugh at black people’s expense, for their own entertainment.

Each owner of an individual Minstrel NFT will be granted complete copyright ownership of the literary work – the poetry. This right grants you, the buyer, the right to reproduce, publish, commercialize, and assign the literary work in perpetuity.

Every individual owner of a Minstrel (one per owner) will receive a physical limited edition hardcover book signed by David Bianchi and Isaac Alvarez.

The owner(s) of 5 Minstrels (if any) will be given a never released 1 of 1. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to nonprofit organizations to further Black voices in Film and TV.

Short explainer of Minstrel Show

Minstrel Shows were the largest American theater movement in history. By 1848, blackface minstrel shows were a national art form, overtaking opera in popularity, the show eventually evolved into Vaudeville.

It consisted of racist skits, dancing, and music, performed by white people painted in blackface.

Minstrel shows painted black people as dimwitted, lazy, criminal, and superstitious.

 It infiltrated film, television, and radio all the way through silent films and the 21st century.

The social impact of over 140 years of racist belittling in the country’s highest form of entertainment has undeniably left a subconscious and conscious scar on the global view of the Afro diaspora.

Even today, blackface festivals are celebrated by hundreds of thousands of white people across western Europe.


This latest poem is spoken in a voice that cries out with anger and pain through David Bianchi’s dramatic recital.

This is a haunting piece of poetry that if you are not in a position to buy, then, you should at least take some quiet time out, listen and let it sink in.

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