David Bianchi releases 5th NFT poem in series of 9

David Bianchi the multi-talented, actor, screenwriter and renowned spoken word poet releases his 5th NFT poem. The poem is available for viewing and to buy on Superrare.

The NFT poem

Again, the poem entitled ‘Smile – The Modern Day Minstrel #005’, is the fifth in a series of nine provocative poems. The NFT poems highlight the social injustice and stereotyping of the African American community in the USA.

The latest NFT poem screams out about the hypocrisy of people “who mock oppress and control”, being offended by others demanding equal rights and a bite at the American cherry.

On a side note, the fourth in the series was recently bought by none other than ‘Pranksy NFT’, who some say has bought the most NFTs in the world. You can check Pranksy’s website.


The portrait

For the latest NFT poem, David has again collaborated with Isaac Alvares to create the accompanying NFT photographic portrait.

The image again depicts a ‘Black Minstrel’, this time eating the proverbial watermelon.

This has been a derogatory term and portrayal, associated with black people in the USA for centuries.

The portrait description reads;

“The minstrel plays the role of the happy nigger with the watermelon, according to white racist stereotypes. This portrait is sadly iconic of the era. In his heart the fury rages as he fights to discover an identity free of labels fueled by hate and systematic racism”.

Ownership of the NFT poem

The eventual owner of the poem is not just getting a provocative poem and image, but also complete copyrights to the poetry.

Therefore, the owner has sole rights to publish, reproduce and commercialize the poem in perpetuity.

Moreover, each individual owner of a poem will receive a signed copy of a limited edition hardback book. David Bianchi and Isaac Alvares will both sign the book.

Please note, that once someone meets the reserve price of 4 ETH, there will be a 24 hour period allowing others to bid. If, no one makes a bid within this period the NFT poem is then yours.


Follow the links below for more on David and Isaac.

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David Bianchi on Twitter – https://twitter.com/davidbianchi

Isaac Alvarez – https://www.isaacalvarez.com/


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