David Bianchi talks NFTs, poetry, acting and art

Any of you who are return visitors will know that we have been covering the release of David Bianchi’s NFT poem series. Well, he has just released his seventh.

The collection consists of 8 poems written by David, of which 7 have been so far been released on Superrare. Poem No.6 and No.7 are up for grabs. The owners will be transferred the rights of the intellectual property rights of the poetry for each NFT they acquire .

David is a multi-talented guy, with a social conscience that needs to be heard.

Ahead of the release of the last NFT poems, which we will keep you abreast of, we asked David a few questions relating to NFTs and the Arts, and also his current poetry series.

David Bianchi. No.6

Insights into David Bianchi and NFTs

Do you think NFTs can help with contributing to the well-being of poetry?

It already is through my work and the work of others like Lawrence Fuller and other NFT artists that are using poetry to augment their works. Poetry is just as much an art as anything else and the popularity of my work is a direct result of the desire for it in the eco-system. It also allows artists to push the boundaries of what is possible in crypto art.

You are a well- known actor, producer, and screenwriter with many appearances on film and television. Furthermore, you are a world-renowned spoken word poet. How do you juggle such a hectic life?

I try to focus on two projects at a time and I have a small team that really pushes the limits as well. Keep in mind, when my work as an actor calls, everything shuts down and if I’m in the middle of a drop I pivot to the best of my ability.

My work as an actor comes first. I have also amassed a body of work over 17 years in Hollywood. These things all take time. I often remind other artists that it really is about the journey, focus on the work, the results are u[p to God.

You call yourself “a multi-disciplinary artist, actor, poet, fine artist and film maker” – “I see the world through art” you say. Which of the roles do you see as having the most power to create the more socially just world you are fighting for?

I am an artist of many forms and they translate through my NFT work. I think NFTS have created a platform for changing the world, not just through socially conscious creative work but through philanthropic giving. There is so much money in crypto art that if we all gave a little we could solve major world issues.

I can feel the anger and passion in your poetry. This feeling is amplified 100 times by the mesmerizing voice you use recite your poetry. Was there a specific catalyst that inspired you to write this series of protest poems? Or was it a long simmering feeling hanging over you?

The photo series came first, the spoken word was an after thought once I decided to mint them as NFTS. I knew I would want to bring them to life in a way the NFT world had never seen before while keeping my work ground breaking. It is a full visual and sonic experience with original score and sound design under each poem.

Writing this poetry was a challenge for me. Telling a story in 35 seconds in poetic verse is not easy to do. It really took a lot of my heart to nail the story down in a way that was honest to the struggle of black history while keeping in pace with the story of the series. The minstrel evolves through the photo essay and the poetry has to reflect that while staying in tune with the horrible racism I am protesting.

(excerpt from Taboo) — Until 1967 it was illegal for black man to marry a white woman

Touch me.

Punishable by up to 5 years in prison

Fuck me. —

You talk about being a collector of “physical art for many years, and you are the proud owner of a Damien Hirst. Have you any views on the difference between physical and digital art?

Well I think that physical art will never die as humans we need the tactile and physical experience. However, crypto art will take over a huge portion of the physical art space. What is exciting about digital art is it is a 365 24/7 marketplace and if you are looking to keep art that is valuable you can. If you want to collect and re-sell you can because crypto art unlike physical art is much more liquid.

The biggest payback for digital art is residual income for the creators. This has never been done in the history of mankind, where an artist reaps the benefits of the primary sales and all secondary sales for life.

I am a huge crypto art bull and I think the possibilities are limitless of how far crypto art will go. There will be a day where all new homes will be fitted with crypto art screens.

As it pertains to my Hirst, that drop is a huge social experiment. The question begs who will keep the NFT and who will keep the Hirst physical piece but you can’t have both. I personally have not decided yet. That is what is so incredible about where we are in art, we are in the transition of what is currency in art!

I also read that you are an abstract painter. Have you thought about minting any of your paintings as NFTs/physical art combos? If so, tell us more.

Yes I will eventually. I have done physical exhibits in several cities over the years and have a large collection at home. I am currently focusing on building my brand and my name in the crypto space first before I deviate from my branding as a NFT artist. Eventually I will mint my physical paintings and when I do it will be a big surprise for the NFT world to really get a sense of how far my disciplines go in the artistic medium.




We just love David Bianchi. He is a man of many talents, who has spotlighted how other, dare I say less popular Arts can benefit from NFTs.

Furthermore, we think David is destined to become one of the big names in the NFT art world.

We eagerly await the release of his physical paintings as NFTs. They will reinforce just how talented this man really is.


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