David Bianchi’s Latest NFT Poem ‘Break the Bars’

David Bianchi is to put up for auction, his latest spoken word NFT poem/video, ‘Break the Bars’, on the 24th of September on Makersplace NFT marketplace.

We at NFT News Today have been covering David’s NFT poem series over the last few months. The series which created a lot of buzz ended only recently. We thought the man would have a break. But no, this hugely talented individual doesn’t slow for a breath.

We recently contacted him (again) and he sent us a link to watch this latest Spinema production, and we were duly impressed.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, ‘Spinema is an art form created by David Bianchi through his 17 plus years of producing experimental films told in poetry’.

Breaking the Bars NFT Poem

Break the Bars is the story of a 10-year-old girl looking out at the world through the bars of both her bedroom window and neighborhood playground. She dreams of a happy life in a pleasant neighbor full of hope and joy and where people can chase their dreams.

We are then jolted out of our reverie and transported to the harsh reality of everyday life in an unforgiving place shorn of hope.

The latest NFT poem was written by David Bianchi and Chris Wood, and both recite the poem to perfection in the video. As they perform, it is as if they are feeding of each other, building the intensity of the recital to a point I felt as if my head would explode with frustration at people in power.

Chris Wood is a writer, actor and spoken word artist working out of L.A. He has appeared on the Spoken Word TV series, Verses and Flow.  Moreover, he had a starring roll in “the Catalyst’ which is to be release in 2021.

Chris is also known for his charitable work and has run poetry and lyrical writing workshops in Juvenile detention centers.

As well as performing in the video, David is also the director. Which should come as no surprise to those of you who are acquainted with David’s resume.

For this project David is collaborating with Charitas and New Earth Foundation, both charitable organizations that have committed to marketing the drop.

So, set a date for the 24th of September on Makersplace and become part of cinematic history.

 These are the pioneers of a new movement in film and entertainment that are using NFTs and blockchain technology. And it’s here for good.

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