Punk in Residence: A New Chapter in Digital Art by CryptoPunks

Do you ever wonder what the future of art will look like? With the rise of Web3, we have witnessed a shift towards a more digital and decentralized form of creativity. CryptoPunks are taking their vision to the next level with the launch of Punk in Residence. The program is an incubator aiming to redefine fine art through collaborations with artists for innovation in the digital art and blockchain space.

Embracing Creative Experimentation: Redefining “Punk”

Punk in Residence encourages inventive creativity with a supportive design in mind. The concept of “Punk” has long been associated with rebellion and non-conformity; CryptoPunks seek to expand this definition through diverse artistic perspectives. The Punk in Residence program invites artists from various mediums to explore the concept of “Punk” through their unique lens, utilizing advanced technology to create original artworks that challenge traditional notions of art.

While fostering creative experimentation is a key aspect of Punk in Residence, the program also offers technical support from Yuga Labs.

Source Punks in Residence

Collaborating with Top Talent: Introducing Abney

To kick off the program, CryptoPunks has partnered with renowned artist Nina Chanel Abney, known for her vibrant and thought-provoking pieces that explore themes of identity, race, and celebrity. In recognition of her pioneering role in the Punk in Residence initiative, the team gifted Abney Punk #72, a coveted CryptoPunks NFT. Abney plans to showcase a collaborative collection at her upcoming solo exhibition, with the artworks available on Magic Eden – a marketplace that prioritizes creator royalties.

Prestigious collections, such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and New York’s Museum of Modern Art, include Abney’s creations.

Nina Chanel Abney stated, “Cryptopunks are a pioneering project that has played a crucial role in the creation of the digital collectible space.” She added, “By collaborating with them, I saw an opportunity to be at the center of a unique intersection of art, technology, and culture.”

Moreover, Natalie Stone, General Manager of CryptoPunks, emphasized the significance of the original CryptoPunks collection. She stated, “The original CryptoPunks collection remains unalterable and undeniable in its impact, with experimentation as a core part of its DNA. The brand carries a responsibility to expand both the potentiality and reach of art on the blockchain, while also amplifying new voices.”

Stone also highlighted the selection of Nina Chanel Abney for the inaugural season, praising her for her inquisitive nature, innovative approach, and true punk spirit. The announcement clarified that Abney and any artists participating in the future will equally share the financial proceeds with Yuga Labs from selling their digital works to the public.

Furthermore, artists involved in the program can be based anywhere in the world. They will benefit from continuous mentorship, technical advice, and production assistance while they develop new artworks. Finally, the announcement notes that collaborators don’t need a background in Web3.


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