Square Enix and Animoca Brands Join Forces to Expand Global Reach of Symbiogenesis

Square Enix has announced a collaboration with Animoca Brands Japan to expand and promote their Ethereum-based NFT game, Symbiogenesis. The partnership aims to bring the popular adventure game to more regions globally through combined marketing efforts and collaborations with other projects within Animoca’s extensive portfolio.

Symbiogenesis is an adventure game that features 10,000 unique Ethereum NFT characters. The game also offers additional in-game NFTs minted on the Ethereum scaling network, Polygon. With its PC-based platform, players can immerse themselves in a beautiful and mysterious world filled with exciting challenges and quests.

Expansion into Global Markets

The collaboration between Square Enix and Animoca Brands Japan will focus on expanding Symbiogenesis into more regions worldwide. This partnership brings together the expertise of two major players in the gaming industry, making it a significant milestone for both companies.

Through this collaboration, Symbiogenesis will be featured on Animoca Brands Japan’s upcoming NFT platform, which supports both Ethereum and Polygon. This launchpad is set to be launched this summer, providing players with more options to acquire the game’s NFTs.

Square Enix and Animoca Brands

This is not the first time that Square Enix has partnered with Animoca Brands or its affiliated companies. The two have previously collaborated in bringing the popular Dungeon Siege franchise into The Sandbox metaverse game.

Square Enix has shown a growing interest in blockchain and NFTs, with investments in various initiatives like Final Fantasy VII NFTs. The company has also made investments in crypto-native PC gaming launcher apps such as HyperPlay and Elixir Games.

Moreover, Square Enix has released Symbiogenesis through HyperPlay, making it one of the first major gaming companies to embrace the Web3 experience.

Bringing Web3 Experience to a Broader Audience

Naoyuki Tamate, producer of Symbiogenesis, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Animoca Brands Japan. He emphasized the strategic approach of the collaboration in bringing the Web3 experience to a broader audience.

This partnership between Square Enix and Animoca Brands Japan is not just about promoting Symbiogenesis. It is also about introducing more people to the world of blockchain gaming and NFTs, giving them a taste of what this emerging technology has to offer.

The integration of NFTs into mainstream games like Symbiogenesis is an important step in the adoption of blockchain technology. It allows players to truly own their in-game assets and opens up new possibilities for creators and developers. As more companies join forces, they can bring innovative ideas and products to the market, benefiting both players and creators.


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