Louis Vuitton’s Pharrell Jackets for Via NFT Holders

Luxury fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton has once again highlighted its Web3 approach by launching a new line of exclusive products through its Via NFT project. This latest release caters to the current surge in cowboy fashion and showcases the brand’s affinity for high-end, limited-run items. With only 200 pieces available, this release is exclusively offered to Louis Vuitton’s Via NFTs holders.

Pharrell Williams Designs Iconic Varsity Jacket for Louis Vuitton

According to Vogue, the varsity jacket features ‘suede buckskin, iridescent snaps, and an embroidered logo’ designed by celebrated musician and designer Pharrell Williams. Priced at €7,900, the jacket is available as both a tangible garment and a digital NFT. Williams’ design aims to capture Louis Vuitton’s blend of tradition and modernity.

Photo Credit Louis Vuitton

Via NFT: The Gateway to Exclusive Luxury

Launched in June last year, the Via NFT project introduced ‘phygital‘ treasure trunks priced at €39,000, accompanied by soulbound NFTs. These limited edition items were only available to a select few hundred buyers. This gave them access to exclusive releases from Louis Vuitton. Additional purchases made by Via NFT holders can be sold on the open market, adding to these items’ exclusivity and potential investment value.

Louis Vuitton’s Via NFT project has continued expanding, offering exclusive products to its select buyers. The first product released through this project was an orange monogram Speedy 40 bag, priced at an estimated €8,500. It debuted at Pharrell Williams’ inaugural show. This was followed by a digital mini trunk designed by women’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière for the SS24 runway.

An Exclusive and Private Rollout

The number of Via Treasure Trunk NFT owners remains undisclosed, showcasing Louis Vuitton’s commitment to maintaining its exclusive and highly curated brand image. Unlike traditional sales, which are open to anyone with the means to purchase, Louis Vuitton uses a more selective approach by manually approving buyers after they reveal their crypto holdings through linked wallets. This method ensures an exclusive and high-touch experience.

Main Image Credit: Depositphotos


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