Elixir Games Secures Funding from Square Enix and Solana Foundation

Elixir Games, a leading decentralized gaming platform, has recently announced that it has raised $14 million in seed funding from prominent backers. The list of investors includes big names such as Square Enix, the renowned developer of Final Fantasy, and the Solana Foundation. Shima Capital, a leading venture capital firm, also participated in this funding round.

Enhancing the gaming ecosystem

The primary goal of this funding is to develop a decentralized gaming ecosystem that is set to launch within the year. This will involve enhancing Elixir’s existing platform, which currently hosts over 130 games and has more than 500,000 registered users. The funds raised will also facilitate the launch of Elixir’s own token, called ELIX, which will power their products and services.

Apart from developing its own platform, Elixir Games has also allocated a portion of the funding towards the debut of the Launchpad & Incubation Program. This program is designed to support crypto game developers by providing them with resources and guidance, fostering growth and innovation within the ecosystem.

Square Enix’s Involvement

Square Enix’s participation in this funding round is not surprising, considering their partnership with Elixir Games that was announced last year. However, it is worth noting that Square Enix has also invested in a competing crypto gaming launcher called HyperPlay. This indicates a non-exclusive relationship with Elixir and a broader interest in the crypto gaming industry.

Carlos Roldan, CEO of Elixir Games, expressed his excitement about the funding, stating that it is a significant milestone for the company’s mission to innovate within the global gaming ecosystem. This funding round follows Elixir Games’ recent expansion through the acquisition of LitLab Games, which has enriched their game portfolio.

Upcoming launches and campaigns

Elixir Games has several planned launches for 2024, including the release of the ELIX token and the Elixir Launchpad. These initiatives aim to introduce premium platform features and initial game offerings to their user base. 

Additionally, on April 4, the company will kick off a season pass campaign that offers $750,000 worth of prizes through game tournaments and other promotional activities. This campaign is expected to engage the gaming community and attract more users to Elixir’s platform.


The significant funding raised by Elixir Games marks a major step towards transforming the gaming industry with its decentralized approach. By providing a platform for both developers and gamers, Elixir Games aims to create a more fair and transparent gaming ecosystem. With the launch of their own token and various upcoming initiatives, Elixir Games is set to make a significant impact in the world of gaming. 


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