The Story Behind the Closure of Bored & Hungry

After two years of operation, Bored & Hungry, a Los Angeles-based restaurant that gained popularity for its unique fusion of food and NFTs, has announced its closure. The news came as a surprise to many loyal customers who have come to love the brand’s innovative approach to dining. Co-founder Andy Nguyen has revealed that the branding of Bored & Hungry will now be taken over by the Hungry DAO, signalling a new era for the restaurant.

The Takeover by Hungry DAO

According to Nguyen, while the original location in Long Beach is closing, there’s still potential for reopening in the Los Angeles area as they continue their search for a new location. The decision to close down the restaurant was not an easy one, but Nguyen assures that it will allow the team to redirect their focus on other projects, including Trill Burgers in Houston, TX.

The Hungry DAO aims to integrate blockchain technology and create a decentralized ecosystem for restaurants. With Bored & Hungry’s branding now under their control, the team at Hungry DAO plans to continue the legacy of innovation that the restaurant has started.

The Rise of Bored & Hungry

Bored & Hungry first made waves in the culinary world when it emerged from the well-known NFT project, Bored Ape Yacht Club. The restaurant leveraged NFT intellectual property to create a unique dining experience that combined art, technology, and food. Their acceptance of Ethereum and Apecoin alongside traditional payment methods further set them apart from other restaurants.

Despite only operating for two years, Bored & Hungry managed to expand beyond its original location in Los Angeles. It now has four additional locations in Manila, Philippines, and Seoul, South Korea, with plans for upcoming pop-ups in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai. The brand’s success is a testament to their innovative concept and dedication to pushing boundaries in the food industry.

The Future of Bored & Hungry

While the closure of the original location may seem like a setback for Bored & Hungry, Nguyen remains optimistic about the brand’s future. The team at Hungry DAO is committed to honoring the restaurant’s legacy and continuing to push the boundaries of traditional dining.

In addition, Bored & Hungry’s international presence in Manila and Seoul serves as a reminder of their global potential. As they continue to expand, it’s possible that we may see Bored & Hungry return to the United States with even more exciting and innovative concepts.

Although the closure of Bored & Hungry’s original location may have left a void in the Los Angeles dining scene, it also signals a new chapter for the brand. With the takeover by Hungry DAO and their continued success both domestically and internationally, there’s no doubt that Bored & Hungry will continue to be a trailblazer in the food industry. So, while we may be bidding farewell to the original location, we can look forward to what’s next for Bored & Hungry with excitement and anticipation. 


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