Controversy Surrounds Salaries for ApeCoin DAO Leadership

The ApeCoin decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) has found itself embroiled in controversy over the annual salaries awarded to its leadership and community council members. The revelation of these salaries has sparked a heated debate among ApeCoin holders, raising questions about the fairness and appropriateness of the compensation.

ApeCoin DAO operates under a governance structure that includes a Special Council responsible for overseeing the decision-making process. Administered by the Ape Foundation, the Special Council plays a crucial role in the governance of the ApeCoin DAO and shaping the direction of the ecosystem.

Tweet Revealing Leadership Salaries

The controversy erupted when ApeCoin’s secretary, Vulkan, took to Twitter to disclose the monthly salaries of the DAO’s leadership roles. 

The revelation showed that Special Council members were receiving $20,833 per month, while WebSlinger, an administrator for the Ape Foundation based in the Cayman Islands, was earning $75,000 per month. 

The news immediately drew attention and raised concerns among ApeCoin holders regarding the substantial compensation awarded to these individuals.

Debate Among ApeCoin Holders

The disclosure of the leadership salaries sparked a lively debate within the ApeCoin community. Some holders voiced their concerns over the six-figure annual payments, questioning the justification for such high compensation within a decentralized ecosystem. Critics argued that excessive salaries could undermine the principles of decentralization and equity that underpin the DAO concept.

On the other hand, there were defenders of the salaries who argued that they were warranted given the responsibilities and liabilities associated with the leadership roles. They emphasized the need for experienced and dedicated individuals to guide the ApeCoin ecosystem and believed that fair compensation was necessary to attract top talent.

Yat Siu’s Response

One member of the Special Council, Yat Siu, took to Twitter to respond to the backlash. Siu defended the compensation structure, stating that the salaries were intended to be “commensurate to the responsibility and liability of the role.” He emphasized the importance of recruiting qualified individuals who could effectively govern the ApeCoin ecosystem and navigate its complexities.

Proposed Changes and Solutions

In light of the controversy, some ApeCoin holders put forward suggestions to address the concerns. These proposals included re-evaluating the salary structure for the Special Council, suggesting a 50% reduction in compensation. 

Additionally, there were calls for implementing a “competency check” to ensure that leadership positions were held by individuals who demonstrated the necessary skills and expertise.


The controversy surrounding the six-figure salaries awarded to ApeCoin DAO’s leadership has ignited a spirited debate within the ApeCoin community. The disclosure of these salaries has prompted discussions about fairness, equity, and the principles of decentralization. 

As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen whether the ApeCoin DAO will re-evaluate its compensation structure and address the concerns raised by its holders. The outcome of these deliberations may have significant implications for the future governance and development of the ApeCoin ecosystem.


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